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Monday, March 7, 2011

4 Hour Silver Chart


  1. Thanks Dan,

    your charts are a great complement to Turd's work. Different trader's arriving at slightly different conclusions.
    Helps me to make an informed decision. Of course I get it wrong some of the time, taking profit to early and being to risky when there is a lot of air in the charts. However, my profits are moving in the right direction thanks to you guys and some of that profit then goes to good causes.

  2. Dan, forgive me, but I don't understand what you mean about a lot of distribution at these levels - so there can be no let up by the bulls? Would you mind clarifying for me?? Appreciate it!!

  3. lap - distribution is another word for selling. Accumulation is another word for buying. What this means is that there is heavy selling evident at this level on the chart so the bulls cannot just ease up and relax if they want to keep price elevated. what it means is that sellers are anxious to sell at this level and unless there is sufficient buying by the bulls to absorb all their offers, price will drift lower.

  4. Dan,
    I know you mentioned that you were a little troubled by the recent silver COT (KWN interview). What are your thoughts on Ted Butler's recent comments?


  5. DocJim - the entire report is very troubling to me. quite frankly I suspect the entire report is flawed as I find it difficult to believe that managed money has not been net buyers for the last two weeks.
    I too am troubled by the jump in the commercial category especially by the big banks who after reducing their short side exposure to the market, piled back in based on the last report.

    I do think that my explanation concerning the lifting of spreads is behind some of this but I also suspect that there is some Exchange for Physical transactions taking place off the radar.

    Hope to find more about this soon.



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