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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Broad Dollar Index coming under Increasing pressure

The Broad Dollar Index is comprised of a much larger or broad basket of currencies than the USDX which we more commonly reference. In this regards, it is a better representation of the how the Dollar is faring on the world currency markets. Notice how weak it has become and how close it is to challenging a key downside support level.

The inability of the US government to come to grips with its fiscal problems combined with the Fed's asinine Quantitative Easing policies are crushing the Dollar.

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  1. Dan, Many thanks for posting this timely update. I checked out the broad index and it contains 26 currencies rather than the 6 in the USDX


    I do not place much credence in the USDX any more because it is heavily overweighted to the EUR (57.6%) In my opinion the EUR is no longer to be trusted after Trichet accomodated the politicians (this is a very polite verb)and started printing money to buy Greek bonds in May 2010. He is still buying Portugese and Irish bonds at a rate of knots. This sort of nonsense is what the German Bundesbank was forbidden to do by law when the D-Mark still existed.


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