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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

4 Hour Silver Chart - update

Silver is getting caught up in the crosswinds impacting the commodity sector this morning as the hedgies are throwing away risk trades dumping nearly everything in sight with the exception of the energies.

I find it particularly amusing to note that the world is now going to give up eating because of the unrest in Libya and elsewhere around the middle East. That means corn needs to be sold, as does soybeans and wheat since no one is going to eat any longer because they are too busy watching TV for the next news report out of that region. That means bushel after bushel of corn, beans and wheat are now going to pile up on wharves, docks, ports and grain elevators and will undoubtedly rot. Corn priced at $7.00 could not ration demand so let's take it down to $6.80 and see if that will do the trick!

If you cannot understand this "logic", good for you, because you are still sane. End users in the grains are giddy with delight however as they have been hoping that the hedgies would start throwing away grain so that they could obtain coverage.

Gold and Silver are holding well considering the barrage of selling being generated by these mindless algorithms across the commodity complex. 


  1. It is an upside down illogical Bizarro World we see. Well, I suppose there is logic and the markets do mimic human behavior after all, if if the Algo-Droids do the heavy lifting. Much like the driver that would rather kill you and themselves in a fiery crash rather than let you change lanes.

    Maybe I'm beginning to understand these screw'em-&-let'em-eat-cake-I-have-a-tee-time banksters and hedgies. Guess it makes me crazy. Oh, the humanity!

  2. TD at zerohedge has an interesting take on why commodities are tanking. He points out that this market is highly leveraged. The liquidation of could be a result of needing cash for margin calls. However that would of effected the PMs too no?

  3. Hi Dan, just a note that as of the 15th Feb Deutsche Bank has suspended issuance of ETN DAG because of exposure to corn, wheat, soyabeans and sugar. Which, interestingly, have been the hardest hit since then. Coincidence . . . . ?

  4. Does this down day negate the possibility of a commercial signal failure? Judging by the other charts you posted, a CSF is interrupted at the point a down trading session occurs. Or is it different for silver since there is no limit up/down?


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