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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Go and See "Godzilla" and have some Fun

For an escape last evening I took the kids to see the movie, "Godzilla". As a kid growing up watching the monster both terrorizing and saving Tokyo, I was hoping for a trip down memory lane. I was not disappointed.

The entire movie, which had a decent script and some great cinematography, was actually pretty good. Unlike that disaster  of a film in 1998, this one was true to the original roots. Godzilla both looks and SOUNDS a lot like the original. As a matter of fact, his roar, which he cuts loose with as he makes his grand appearance onto the big screen, sent the entire theater shaking. " I have arrived and am here to kick some serious ass" is the message! And trust me, THIS Godzilla, can kick some ass!

Watching these enormous monsters duking it out and laying waste to Honolulu, Las Vegas and San Francisco in the process was terrific. The battle scene between the US military and Godzilla at the bridge was a classic! Puny humans, you have met your match!

Wait until Godzilla cuts loose with his radiation blast/dragon-fire. Every detail including the way in which his Stegosaurus-like scales begin first glowing, is true to his roots in those early movies.

If you want to relive your lost youth or to merely introduce your kids to some of the things that we had the joys of experiencing in our early days, before there was an Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo Wii, go and see Godzilla.

I left the theater feeling like I was 10 years old once more. Hat's off to the folks who made this movie. It was a lot of fun. Besides, where else can you cheer out loud for Godzilla and get away with acting like an idiot and publicly embarrassing your own children? That is worth the price of the admission alone!


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