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Sunday, February 20, 2011

4 Hour Silver Chart


  1. Do you think we will put in another stair step at 33.00 'ish?

    And I have a basic supply and demand question for you. If demand is high in Asia, why does the Hong Kong market very seldom (if ever) drive up the price considerably? Is it because the are mostly physical gatherers and leave the volatile paper markets to us Americans?

    Thanks again for the posts you put out!

  2. If we blast through 35, do you think we'll ever see 31.26 again? Looking at a silver chart and the monthly open on 3/1/1980 was 34.850 (lets round that up and say 35) so I would imagine that 35 is a pretty big resistance level.

  3. Why does JPM have heavy short positions in Silver Futures? Is it b/c they want to make money from large open interest in options expiring worthless? Suppressing the price to make Wall St. investments more attractive? I have been listening to Max Keiser's videos on youtube but cannot get my head around it.

  4. What would happen on Friday, when silver goes limit up at some time this week until Friday? Are there any precedences?

  5. I think we might need a new chart.


  6. Hahaha! Forget what I said about silver prices going up dramatically in the hong kong market! Serious jump over night... Though I must say the moves are usually much more muted aren't they?

  7. Anyone noticed the spread between SLV and Silver spot? The usual gap has been .75c to .85 cents. The price at 10:04am os silver sport is 33.64 and SLV 31.91. Huge GAp.


    yours Truly.

  8. Actually, Can anyone get a quote for today? It seems it hasn't opened.

  9. U.S. markets aren't open today.

  10. http://www.kitco.com/market/

    Trader Dan,
    Can you explain how limits are calculated? Is it a % of the opening price?


  11. Jajaja... Ups! I'm at work. That's why I didn't notice. :-)


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