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Monday, February 21, 2011

4 Hour Silver Chart - update


  1. Trader Dan,

    That is simply a breathtaking chart. To my simple eye, it is beginning to look parabolic.

    I asked you for some guesstimates or probabilities last night re certain prices. You wisely deferred with a very reasonable response.

    Nevertheless, many of us are looking to those with experience to help us process what is going on.

    Can I/we ask you for some insights as to what you THINK might occur in the near term?? Of course it is speculation, but it is prob the MOST educated speculation we can get.

    And I think I speak for many others when I say that one gets the feeling one is watching an HISTORIC event.

    Many thanks....

  2. Dan,

    What an amazing day!

    What can the EE do, if anything, to stop this? What tricks might they still have up their sleeves?

    What if, for example, the CME/COMEX decides not to let silver trade tomorrow? They might use the tension/violence in the Middle East as an excuse thereby allowing bullish enthusiasm to wane a bit.

    I am trying to wargame some of the more likely courses of action the EE might take and how we can counter them. I'd appreciate any thoughts you might share.

    Wonderful blog, Dan. Thanks for all you do.


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