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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Some Good news for a Change

The following story detailing a medical treatment for some of these new and extremely dangerous antibiotic resistant bacteria is most encouraging...



  1. Looks very promising. The story reads like an infomercial so checked the product and doctor on Snopes - no hits. Institution exists and has good reviews on Google.

  2. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=dde_1374573750

    1. White Wolf:
      Guess your not supporting Obama. Neither am I. but as long as the FED is making equities rise I am along for the ride while my PMs and Miners sink.

  3. A global systemic reset. Monetize debt grow equities then when they match in nominal $'s they can reset system. The problem....
    Distribution. No way the system willsurvive this type of manipulation. If it does it will be a distressed and angry populace.

  4. Bernanke better hope and prey that his make believe GDP can translate into real growth of labor market or I will enjoy burnt Bernanke on tv. I don't enjoy feelings of rage but they come every time I hear this lie about ideal economy. If the roast politicians are indeed eventually served upon our tv screens, I for one will not feel one ounce of pity on those that are killed


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