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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New Bacteria Killer Discovered

How about this... let's hear it for the Cicada who led the researchers to this amazing substance.

Germ-killing nanosurface opens up new front in hygiene
AFP - Imagine a hospital room, door handle or kitchen countertop that is free from bacteria -- and not one drop of disinfectant or boiling water or dose of microwaves has been needed to zap the germs.
That is the idea behind a startling discovery made by scientists in Australia



  1. Wow, gold just cratered again.

    And check out the decimation in oil.

    And my Starbuck stock is still pinned at 52-week highs, refusing to back off.

    Thanks must be given to the Ben Bernanke Fed, who has been able to engineer the most fantastic period of financial market nirvana ever recorded.

    With stock booming, commodity prices cratering, interest rates at 40-year lows, and a Fed which can literally print its way to prosperity with an unlimited balance sheet.

    Truly historic times, will be written about for ages.

    1. Do you have any BITCOINS?

      BITCOINS are going to be the greatest wealth transfer in history. The BITCOIN is now known as the NEW DIGITAL GOLD:
      BITCOIN Took Over

  2. Dan - This is wonderful & promising news. There is a good side to humanity & our ceaseless innovation.

    1. MDLGTO;

      Yes, indeed, we carbon based life forms can be rather resourceful and clever at times! Leave it to the bugs to teach us something however. That reminds me of the guy who made a fortune investing VELCRO by observing some plant/weed that was clinging to his clothes.

      I don't know about you but I am going to have to get me one of those electron microscopes for Christmas and start studying more of nature's critters. When I find the next big discovery, I think I will change handles from Trader Dan to Discoverer Dan... maybe then I can get some sleep instead of watching prices move all day and night.

  3. Actually, copper is very similar in it's abilities. I have no idea why hospitals, restaurants etc. do not make use of it...plus it's cheaper.

  4. Meanwhile, BitCoin now at 1050

    Huge wealth being created out of digits.

    And oil and gold continue to crash despite the Fed Balance sheet being hockey sticked into outer space.

    Simply incredible economics going on here.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Ya but any minute now gold will jump to $10K cause it's real money and has been for 5000 years.
      Its better to buy 10 years early than be 1 second too late and be the victim of a Weimer inflation. Just ask goldsilver.com, silvergoldbull.com, silverdoctor.com, goldmoney.com etc. They all have shortages right now from all the physical buying, as opposed to the fake paper selling.

    3. Mike Maloney says gold going to $15,000 means silver will go to $1,500. In your example that means silver will only make it to $1,000.

      By then BITCOIN will be $150 MILLION each.

    4. What's one of the characteristics of bubbles?
      You look dumb if you do NOT join them.
      Afterwards you look dumb that you joined it because it was so obvious.

      And they usually pop after the last sceptic has given up and joined it.
      I think right now we are already in the greed-phase: "OMG the S&P has gained 30% and I have missed it! I could be rich!"

      When the last one has been infected with greed and bought and all are on the same side, then they USUALLY pop. but this time we have central banks currently pouring more than 120 bn$ per month(!) into the stock market. So who knows when this will end?

      I think with Yellen and Abe this could go on until one day the market will act in a very unexpected way:
      When QE began the market expcted strong inflation. QE created enough inflation to beat the deflation, but not more.

      Since QE3 the market no longer expects inflation (thanks to manipulation of Gold, this impression was created). It's all about inflation EXPECTATIONS, not inflation itself.

      And since this succeeded the market believes that printing huge amounts of money do not create inflation.
      Interestingly it is one of the main concepts of market economy: increasing the amount of something, reduces its value.

      So why does it not happen?
      Because in a normal functioning market in this regime, it are the private banks that create tenfold the money the central bank creates. This mechanism is broken, the economy and it's consumers are overindebted, the markets are saturated, the banks do not make loans and the people who have left money are no longer willing to become debt slaves, too.

      The money the CBs print are not going into the economy, because the banks that sell the treasuries to the CBs, put the money into the stock market or the housing market.

      Therefore the real economy struggles and Wall St. is celebrating. And since Bernanke and Yellen have not seen the housing bubble according to their speeches, I expect they also do not see the huuuge artificial lake they are pumping up.

      Today the market confuses lquidity with solvency. I guess when the time comes, the market will price in, that liquidity is NOT solvency.

    5. endzeit;

      I agree that this is precisely what is happening with all that newly created money off of the QE programs... it is NOT making its way into the general economy but is instead finding its way into the equity markets. Hedge funds can also borrow money for next to nothing and invest it in a sort of Dollar carry trade.

      not until the VELOCITY OF MONEY INcreases will be see inflationary pressures arise and that will take some sort of change in the LABOR MARKETS or a sharp drop in CONFIDENCE which makes people nervous about the dollar/inflation.

      As to when that will occur, it is anyone's guess. I though it would have happened by now especially with the debt situation here in the US and obamacare fiasco but so far there is no fear whatsoever based on the VIX.

    6. Sarcasm does not translate to text well.

  5. @Imagined Prophet
    "Its better to buy 10 years early than be 1 second too late and be the victim of a Weimer inflation."

    First I'm sure you have not bought gold ten years ago like I did.

    And do you know how often the financial system was on the brink of total collapse int he last 5 years and do you know when and do you know who said so?
    Ofcourse historyless people do not know because sheeple forget what happened yesterday if today the sun is shining.

    But it is very enlightening to see, what people Dan is attracting in the meanwhile.
    You - contrary to Dan - recognize NOTHING what is going on. You are even too dumb to recognize that when CBs pour 120 bn$ per month into the stock market that something can NOT be normal and that protection is as important than in 2008!

    Instead you are ridiculing the ones that were correct about the 2008 crisis? The ones that saw everything coming and only because now the next and maybe the final bubble in this Kondratieff-cacly is pumped up, you believe you know better...

    Your stupidity is disgusting and it's disgusting how this formerly informative blog is populated by people with not the slightest understanding of what is going on.

    1. endzeit - I think you are missing the point in prophet Elijah's sarcasm. Please refrain from personally insulting those with whom you disagree. You can contest the idea or the theorem but do not attack the person's integrity or character. I am trying to keep this board as a place where we can have some good discussions and read the points that many are making without degenerating into what I see far too many other boards becoming.

      I think an objective reading of this board will find that most of those who comment here are well read and up to speed on what is happening out there. They are also realists who see that in spite of the many calls for a sudden collapse of the system, things continue as they have been doing for some time now.

      Most of us agree that when this bubble bursts and the reality of the situation that has been plastered over with trillions in funny money creation surfaces, things will get quite ugly.

      My thinking remains the same - this will continue until one day when it no longer does.

      That may not be particularly profound, but I believe it to be the sad truth. There are always consequences to actions and the Central Banks are not exempt from such things.

      Who knows what the trigger will be or the exact form it will take? I think we are all agreed on that.

    2. During the 1930's Great Depression the US stock market doubled if not tripled between 1932 to 1937 - was it because the economy was rock solid, no. Was it because the Fed was printing money, no. It was because capital was fleeing out of Europe and into something safer and large enough to be liquid, which at the time was the US stock market. You sure it's $120/B a month that is supporting the DOW, or are we seeing the same capital flows escaping Europe and heading West? Think about it.

      Even though the Fed has threatend to taper, the DOW continues to advance with minor knee jerk reactions, can't say the same for gold. You sure it's the QE?

    3. "Even though the Fed has threatend to taper, the DOW continues to advance with minor knee jerk reactions, can't say the same for gold."

      So much wrong in one single sentence.
      Show me the FOMC protocol where the FED has threatened to taper.
      You are repeating disinformation from MSM without yourself checking the facts.

      Bernanke has also never indicated any tapering soon. In fact he has admitted the FED was extremely surprised that the market didn't get that e didn't mean tapering was around the corner.

      This blog was formerly populated by well informed people sceptical to the lies spread by MSM, as a lying tool for Wall St., while now mostly the lies are echoed here because CBs are pumping up an even bigger bubble than the housing bubble.

      Your recent answer has proven me right: you have never had any gold, and you have never recognized that the financial system was three times in the last five years within hours of total collapse.

      People like you do not see the low prices of gold as chance to get some protection, but instead you are ridiculing the ones who urge others to get protection because of what is going on.

      This will be my last post as long as this blog is infected with paper bugs even denying the impact of 120 bn$/month poured into the stock market, not recognizing what is the reason behind the stock market's rise but instead ridicule gold.
      I find it ridiculus to discuss these things HERE like this would be CNBC or Bloomberg.

    4. Think of it as a chance to make a convert.

    5. It's funny when I read how people call out other people for stupidity.

      I then look at grammar and sentence structure and say to myself " oh the irony "

    6. Endzeit, why don't you cool down?
      The point is not to have everybody agreeing with us to feel more comfort, a forum is a chance for everyone to participate, including gold bashers. They don't bother me at all, why would they? If they laugh at me, let them laugh, why should I care, if I know what I'm doing. It's enough to ignore if they'd piss me off.
      But my experience of other blogs and markets makes me know how it ends. The bashers are always crying out loud how wrong you are and right they are until the market reverses strongly / craches, and then you don't hear from them at all as long as the trend goes against them. It's kind of funny.
      There are people like Mark on this blog, continuously praising Ben B (maybe it's him!), people like Eph (stack stack stack but sell more paper), etc, etc... that's how I confront my own opinion. Let those who have nothing to teach you keep bashing and laughing and those who have something to teach you do so. Even bashers are useful as they remind you that you may be wrong. You want to let them speak and you, stop writing? What good does it bring to this blog?

  6. Mike Maloney, Mike Maloney, oh my God; I am still waiting for an audited track record of his exploits (trades?) over the last 2 years; please stop the murder Mike and go back to peddling shoes; sparks

    1. It's also very telling that the person who maybe has contributed the most to make people aware of the scam our monetary system is, is being attacked here.

    2. And have you seen the car Mike Malone drives, or should say drove before crashing it.
      I know those who bought his product aren't driving Ferrari's from their gold proceeds. More like looking for second jobs.

    3. endzeit;

      I think you are missing the point and that perhaps, your frustration at paper losses is making you lash out at others who are merely pointing out the obvious.

      Look, no one here that I am aware of actually disputes that the stock market is an enormous bubble. Mark can speak for himself but if he were pressed, I think even he would admit that the reason for the non-stop rally is the continuation of QE to the tune of $85 billion every month.

      You know as well as I know, and I dare so the rest of those who tend to visit here, that the constant printing of money by the FEd is the reason that the stock market keeps going higher. They have generated inflation nowhere except in paper assets and boy howdy what a job they have managed to do there. Pull the funny money punch bowl away, and stocks have no support. Just look at what happened when the mere hint of tapering was on the table back in the summer of this year.

      What some are saying here is what I am saying in this sense - nearly every day we are treated to gloom and doom scenarios in which the world as we know it is going to end. The stock market is going to crash any day now and the entire system will topple. How many of these predictions have you read? I would venture to say a plethora of them.

      The problem is that RIGHT NOW, the MAJORITY OF INVESTORS, do not believe that. Now, we might believe this understanding that permanent prosperity cannot be created by a modern form of alchemy that turns paper into endless supplies of money, but that is irrelevant for TRADING purposes.

      What matters to a TRADER is where the money flows are headed and for now, they are headed into equities. If one wants to profit as a trader, one must go with the money flow. It is that simple. That is not to say we cannot have a long term view. It does mean that unless someone is willing to tie up precious capital in an investment or sector which is going nowhere but down, then they need to understand the SENTIMENT in the market place and trade accordingly.

      That means you are bearish when gold is in a bear trend as it currently is and the miners currently are. Every investor needs to understand this one simple concept:


      The simple truth is we need the HERD to be on our side if gold and the mining shares are going to move higher. The herd is not on our side at the moment.

      There is nothing the least bit stupid, or foolish in admitting the obvious. What is foolish is continuing to be bullish on an investment which is in a bear trend. All it results in is LOST OPPORTUNITY COST. In other words, capital that could have been put t work MAKING MONEY for you is tied up in an investment that is losing money for you. What is so wise about that my friend?

      You can still maintain your long term view, which I believe will be proven to be correct eventually, while you profit from the shorter term sentiment. Don't fight the tape and expect to profit. After all isn't that what all investors are interested in? Namely taking precious capital and wisely investing it in order to make a profitable return on that investment?

      Think about it some and try to see the wisdom in not tying up all your capital in an investment which is losing money for you in the short term.

    4. Well said Dan. It's why your blog is called "Trader" Dan's Marketviews. Not buy and hold market views. If someone applied the buy and hold strategy on gold, especially miners, and can live with a 50-90% pull back and still sleep at night then all the power to you, but most won't be able to stand that type of torment.
      And yes endzeit I had gold holdings and am releived to say I walked away with minor cuts and bruises, instead of a fatal shot to a vital organ. Not because I'm that smart but because I got lucky on one key trade. Most, including big money managers, didn't walk away like that lucky.

  7. Nice news Dan, makes one forget all this depressive stuff about QE and recession.
    I'm glad to hear that you are ripe for reconversion, and I suggest you open a crowd funding area for the members of this blog, who could finance your electronic microscope come christmas. I'm hardly kidding, if every reader sends 10 $, I think you'd have quite a nice tool already :)

    1. Hubert du Haut;

      That is such a nice gesture Hubert that when I discover this new material/bacteria that destroys the harmful bacteria, I am going to name it after you.

      How does "Bacillus Hubertensis" sound to ya?

      You are gonna be famous kid! :o)

    2. Great, as I also financed the telescope watching Comet ISON, meeting with the Sun tomorrow on Thanksgiving.
      Could be the greatest comet observed.
      I will be famous on both Pascal's Infinites :)

      Come on guys, seriously, let's collect some funds for the microscope, I think Dan needs a break from candles for a little while.

  8. Bitcoin over $1000. Even CNBC talking head said "That's rediculous". Call it Weimer style inflation.

    Gold $1245 and weak. That's defaition.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Dan I'm currently working on a smart vegetable for liberals, it will be in the shape of a cucumber for easy eating .

    As one who has been in gold since $400 rest assured this is the accumulation phase. Dollar cost average your purchases no one ever goes all in on an investment. I for one never understood the "go all in theory " yet as we all know many did .

    If you need the cash take it, one should never marry an investment.

    Sorry on the idope phone lol

    1. Bill;

      Thanks for a good chuckle. I think I know what you are saying about the cucumbers!

      Agreed on the "all in". Never put all your eggs in one basket.

  11. Bill

    Uh..your smart vegetable for Lib's...was that in the shape of a cucumber for "easy eating" or " easy inserting" ?

  12. Hey Dan -
    How about this: if you're not getting a scanning electron microscope for Christmas, I'm sure many of us would be happy to contribute to a charity of your choosing this Christmas season in lieu of the of the subscription you are not charging.

    2ndly- I will just say this to fellow readers, as this post wasn't market related. Don't be blinded by ideology--e.g. don't fall in love with your beliefs any more than an investment--scrutinize them. E.g. I live here in Mexico (GTO is Guanajuato state), where there is protection neither by law or by firearms. People living in Mexico are terrorized by cartels if they cannot afford a private militia (there is still a sizable wealthy (i'd say plutocratic) expat community living here nevertheless & I have a redoubt in the USA though I am far from a plutocrat). I firmly believe that this would not be the case if there were a strong rule of law & if the right to bear arms were guaranteed. The two go hand in hand...you cannot have one without the other. Do not give up the right to bear arms, and uphold the constitution whether is suits your interest or not.
    As Steve in Sparks says, That is all.

    1. MDLGTO;

      Honestly, I would not know which end of an electron microscope to look through truth be told!

      Thanks for the gesture however...

      I am in 100% agreement with you on the second amendment. It was meant to be a protection against tyranny. One has a right to life, as set forth in our Declaration of Independence and the firearm is there to assure that right is not violated either by the state or by evildoers.

  13. Good Thanksgiving to All; Relax and enjoy your families and bet the favorites today, even though if any of them make it into the play-offs, it'll certainly be 1 and done. Don't bet much, since these are nothing but 6 mediocre at best teams. That is all from sparks!


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