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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

J P Morgan back in the News again

Our old "friends" over at J P Morgan are back in the news again today and not in a good fashion. It seems that the CFTC is looking deeper into the so-called "Whale" issue which concerned events back in early 2012. Comments out of the CFTC noted that they could use the new Dodd-Frank powers granted to some of the regulatory agencies to charge the firm with "RECKLESS" manipulation. Interesting to say the least....

Morgan is thus far balking at any settlement of the issue which would require them to admit manipulation on their part.

I should also note that the CFTC is focusing on a large build up in Morgan's derivative positions...

I will try to keep you up to date on this development.

Gold and silver thus far are yawning at the news as the "Whale" issue was related to the credit default swaps market.


  1. Thanks Dan,
    I think with the news of the taper coming and a firm stock market and lower gold. It is a given they will taper. I hold gold and am nervous about this. The Fed wants to prevent a stock market bubble or at least tamp it down. So one wonders how gold can get any traction in this environment.

    1. Concord;I am assuming you own physical, so relax, or if you can not, then sell down your position to where you can sleep nights. These are convoluted, polluted mkts more than ever, so give yourself a break; lots of wiseguys are getting cut up daily; swb in sparks


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