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Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Good Read

Every now and then you come across an article that is well worth the time spend in reading it. The following in the Wall Street Journal is such an article.

Talk about perspective! This is from a man who is on the front lines of the employment situation in this nation.

This goes back to some of my comments related to QE and why I believe it is going to be next to impossible for the Fed to stop or taper that program until we get STRUCTURAL REFORMS. I take the Fed at its word right now that until the employment picture improves, they are not going to taper and quite frankly it will not as long as the Obama administration is in power and Obamacare is the law of the land. The thing has not even been fully implemented yet and it is already leaving a wide swath of devastation across the nation's job market. Don't believe that? Then read the following article.

Bob Funk: Where the Jobs Are—and How to Get One

The man who matches companies with workers talks about the skills gap, the harm from ObamaCare, and the incentive not to work. But he'll still find you a job.

By Stephen Moore
Here's something you don't often see in Washington: a businessman trying to repeal a law that helps his company. That's Bob Funk's latest mission in life. He's the president and founder of Express Employment Services, the fifth-largest employment agency in America, with annual sales of $2.5 billion and more than 600 franchises across the country. This year he will place nearly half a million workers in jobs.
"ObamaCare has been an absolute boon for my business," he says as we sit in his new office headquarters near downtown Oklahoma City. "I'm making a lot of money thanks to that law. We're up 8% this year. But it's just terrible for the country. I see that firsthand every day."


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  2. Here is the link.


  3. Why is it that US citizens are so scared of gun reform and broad public health care?

    I would have thought that any change in so called rights that outlaws weapons that mame or kill thousands, or a health care system that supports the underprivileged would be welcomed.

    In 2013 shouldn't health care be a right, as to should bethe right of people to walk around freely without wondering who may be packing?

    Thank God I live in a REALLY free country is all I can say!

    1. "Thank God I live in a REALLY free country is all I can say!"

      ...And that country is???

    2. One man's entitlement is another man's obligation. There is no freedom in public healthcare.

  4. Dan you misrepresented this man's theme in the article. It is not ObamaCare. He states clearly, "The primary jobs problem today, Mr. Funk says, is that too many workers are functionally unemployable because of attitude, behavior or lack of the most basic work skills. One discouraging statistic is that only about one of six workers who comes to Express seeking employment makes the cut. He recites a company statistic that about one in four applicants can't even pass a drug test."

    Beetlejuice, I also thank God that you do not live in this country.

  5. "I believe it is going to be next to impossible for the Fed to stop or taper that program until we get STRUCTURAL REFORMS."

    In that case, better be patient :)
    I agree with the "old man" once more :)

    ""Reset only comes under terminal pressure to the present system, and then as a compromise." Jim Sinclair

  6. The "Working Miracle" about today's Fed is this:

    Ben can continue QE indefinitely until the cows come home.

    Yet, at the same time, he can wage a disinformation campaign by trotting out guys like Bullard who say tapering will start next month,


    He can jawbone something about "price stability" or "inflation concerns". Which, if spoken, will cause an instantaneous crash in commodities of every race, stripe, sex, and color. Especially gold.

    And they actually don't have to really anything but talk.

    And in the event of a dire emergency when "words" can't do their magic, then they can actually implement margin hikes on gold, oil, and unleaded contracts to send speculators fleeing out of the burning casino.

    But most important is the Fed has the mightiest tool in its toolbox:

    "Infinite Fiat"

    Whereby he can short any commodity contract at will, in infinite quantities.

    And at the same time, goose ES futures anytime he wants in the event of a fall below key moving averages.

    In fact, he's successfully baited he bears so many time by letting SPY drop below the 50-day for several days to get Wall Street technicians to load the boat on shorts, then VOILA, he blows them out with a gap up and a huge, long white candle up the bears' behinds.

    I mean really, how many times in a row has this worked so far?

    Why would they stop now?

  7. Mark,

    You seem to be a PM perma-bull. Why people think you are otherwise is beyond me. They will not stop the cycle until people get fed up (unintended pun). Higher interest rates in the face of continued QE is what it will take. Or another awful, miscalculated war, that gets other countries involved. Other than that, we get to live very comfortably as uncle Ben has taken care of us....


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