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Monday, April 8, 2013

Total and Complete Complacency

Payrolls down to a pitiful 88,000 jobs created. Alcoa warning on earnings. N. Korean sabbling rattling in a big way. Bail-ins as precedent. Surging numbers of Americans sinking into poverty. Record numbers of Americans on Food Stamps and Disability. Shrinking Labor Force...

NOTHING and I mean NOTHING matters to these equity guys. It is all about missing the rally instead of being cautious in the face of so many serious headwinds.

While Central Planner continue to drone on about "No Bubble", every single sign that I can see about this stock market rally is screaming in my ears, "BUBBLE".

There is no fear anywhere; it is absolutely mind boggling to see this sort of mass hypnosis.
The Complacency Index continues to hover at SIX YEAR LOWS. Absolutely astonishing!

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