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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Trader Dan Interviewed at King World News Markets and Metals Wrap

Please click on the following link to listen in to my regular weekly radio interview with Eric King over at KWN on the Weekly Markets and Metals Wrap.



  1. DAN.

    thanks for being honest out there. Stay on KWN, we need more rational people on there! KWN seems hellbent on sensational, stunning, and shocking headlines. I think he and his more sensational guests will be correct someday, I've just been waiting for gold to come up with a downpayment on my house wayyyyy to long to think it's anytime soon!

    I've read and listened to many many over the years. You can't be in love with anything you invest in, thanks for looking at gold with the emotional distance needed for your clarity.

    God Bless and we'll keep praying for Jim


  2. Another historic day for Ben Bernanke and the "Miracle Economy".

    CRB Index is now pushing towards new annual lows, led by a crash in crude oil prices.

    Meanwhile, the 10-yr. yield is sitting at a paltry 1.86% as investors continue to clamor for U.S. Paper and the U.S. Dollar is once again soaring into Outer Space.

    Who would have known that we would be experiencing deflation in necessary commodities, interest rates at 60-year lows, and the S & P 500 pushing towards all-time highs led by XRT, XLY and all the consumer stocks.

    I mean really, look at Alaska Air, which has doubled off the 2011 lows, as if the U.S. Consumer was entering into the greatest travel and leisure boom of all time.

    Nowhere else in history has there been such an extraordinary feat accomplished by the Federal Reserve, who has taken the U.S. economy out of the black depths into "Nirvana" in record time.

    1. Chicken in every pot, new clothes for all, free educations, unbelievable growth and no inflation at all. Wow, where are all the people???
      No worries!! Just print up some more greenbacks, let em all devalue while we print and our buck just keeps going to the moon. Let em all eat cake. Hope those island homes get finished quickly those "proxy bankers" are going to need some nice diggs pretty soon when this thing comes tumbling down.

  3. Dan-
    Great as always. This falling knife is bloody! Looked at intraday HUI / GOLD:
    HUI ~343, Gold ~1573: so .218. I remember buying ABX in april 2009 at about 1 dollar less than its trading now (sold). In fact, the entire HUI is trading at mid 2009 levels. Pre QE, just above the precipice of 2008 -- when in fact it looked like the financial system would collapse.

    Interesting. My take as a rank amateur It seems to me that both a. the market is expecting gold to test ultimate support at 1520-1530. and b. it is on a minsky-esque binge trying to squeeze every last penny out of these shares.


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