"When misguided public opinion honors what is despicable and despises what is honorable, punishes virtue and rewards vice, encourages what is harmful and discourages what is useful, applauds falsehood and smothers truth under indifference or insult, a nation turns its back on progress and can be restored only by the terrible lessons of catastrophe." … Frederic Bastiat

Evil talks about tolerance only when it’s weak. When it gains the upper hand, its vanity always requires the destruction of the good and the innocent, because the example of good and innocent lives is an ongoing witness against it. So it always has been. So it always will be. And America has no special immunity to becoming an enemy of its own founding beliefs about human freedom, human dignity, the limited power of the state, and the sovereignty of God. – Archbishop Chaput


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Common Sense Perverted in the Bastion of Leftism

Take a look at the following story if you have enough composure to contain the sense of revulsion and outrage that should affect all decent, caring human beings.

For his act of compassion and concern, the center of the politically correct universe will make this poor good Samaritan's life a living hell with their damned idiotic runamok political correctness.

Keep in mind that it was the District of Columbia vs. Keller in the Supreme Court case of 2008 which finally determined that the 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms was an INDIVIDUAL RIGHT. It was DC's asinine anti-gun policies that finally brought people to their senses about what was happening to their consitutional rights.



  1. There is a reason why Leftism always takes power and rules in times of degeneration until the empires are rotten.

    1. Empires are the problem not which party ruins it more. Please open your eyes! It would be hard for any rational, honest person to not fully recognize the incredibly weakened state the Republican party left this country in by 2008 - the economy in a mess and the Constitution trampled.

      Empires fall under the weight of their own overreach and corruption. It has been a slow march, facilitated by both left and right.

    2. *Yawn*

      I'm reminded of the line from Outlaw Jose Wales, "Don't piss down my leg and tell me it's raining".

      No sunset provision (like '94) on the proposed 2013 so called assault weapons ban. Government employees will be exempt from this new weapon ban.

      “Stupidity glories in never yielding to the force of truth.” St Augustine

      Wake up and smell the Tyranny, Ms Weber. Pls no more blame Bush and the republicans. That time has passed us.

    3. Paige;

      So let me get this straight - the "right" - which advocates a foreign policy of avoiding "entangling foreign alliances" which our Founders warned us against, a system of limited Federal power,living within our budgetary means, a lower, simpler tax code, a return to some form of honest money, less government regulation and encroachment upon our individual liberties by agencies such as the BATF, EPA, HHS, etc. are facilitating the overreach and corruption in our nation?!

      You are making a very common mistake in equating the establishment in the REpublican Party with the "right". The establishment in that party are as much at war with the "limited government" folks such as myself as is the leftist/socialist/marxists. The Tea Party/Libertarians are just as much opposed to the establishment in the Republican party as the left is. We are having to fight on two fronts instead of just one in attempting to preserve our nation from this maddening rush towards collectivism and socialism with its TOP DOWN COMMAND and CONTROL politics.

      That being said, you are exactly correct in stating that empires fall under the weight of their own overreach and corruption.

      One of the ways we might be able to at least slow down this decay is to institute congressional term limits. Having read the Founding Fathers, I am hard pressed to believe that the majority of them would have favored the formation of a permanent political ruling class. Hamilton seemed to like some aspects of that, but he stands out to me more as the exception rather than the rule. They did of course expect those who served to be knowledgeable and educated.

      The idea is best presented by George Washington who was so popular he could have been king had he so desired ( a sort of permanent president for life). He simply walked away from it like the famed Roman statesman Cincinnatus.

      We need far more men and women like him, who go there to SERVE, honor and abide by the constraints of the Constitution and then return home to their communities to live under the laws that they create and impose on the rest of us.

    4. Dan, I never once said it was the "right" in particular who facilitate the empire and its atrocities. My position has been and will continue to be that both parties in nearly equal measure, beholden to "monied interests", the super wealthy and corporations, are to blame for the demise of this once great nation. Maybe that seems boring to those who want to pick a fight with someone who has a different label or political beliefs, but it is as close to the truth as I see it and must be acknowledged before we have any chance of creating change. Let's top shooting each other and go after the real enemies. Let's join forces by focusing on what we agree on. We could change this nation, root out some of the rot as someone said above, if we did that.

      When I show examples of the way the "right" have over reached, it is only to counter balance the blame game that is constantly played here, as if the "right" has not behaved terribly as well. But let me be very clear, I'm appalled by some of the things this President is doing and I blame the Clinton administration for sowing the seeds of many of the ills we are experiencing today. I am not a blind liberal. Most of us aren't, but you would know that by much of the hate talk that spews from the mouths of those wanting to keep us divided.

      That being said, I understand how you distinguish yourself from the others who fall under the same broad category. But the values you describe above as belonging to the "right", many of which I hold to some degree as well (surprise surprise!), are not upheld by the majority of those in congress who describe themselves as "right" or conservative. Those are the values of a conservative party generations ago and the few Libertarians walking those halls today. So if I seem to confuse my labels, there is good reason. It's too bad our political system keeps us limited to only 2 parties when there is so much nuance within these broad categories. I think it's a disservice to the nation to pit us against each other like that. But actually, that's the desired outcome by the establishment as far as I can tell.

      And I'll add that when you lump someone like me into a "leftist" group that includes socialists and marxists, well, you are guilty of that mistake as well, my friend from a different party.

      I could get behind the idea of term limits for sure. I have a feeling that if we removed money from the election process, turn over would have much more organically. With everyone on an equal playing field, it would be a lot easier to vote the do-nothings out and install those who, like you said, are interested in serving their country. We do need that desperately and immediately. Money has terribly corrupted the political system. Can we all agree on that?

  2. how many children must die by gun? america's founding fathers would be ashamed that their fight for rights of man is reduced to holding on to semi automatic hand gun. rights of men must be viewed against men under feudalism or monarchy.

    1. hello ; yes, it is those damned semi automatic hand guns that are responsible for all the loss of life just like it is all those damned semi-automatic baseball bats and tire irons that kill more people every single year in the US than firearms combined. I am convinced that the Founding FAthers would be rolling in their graves that we still allow baseball bats in a civilized society. You can be the first member of the new organization that I am forming: COBBOW - CONfiscate Baseball Bats nOW.

      Maybe you should try actually READING the Founding Fathers on the 2nd amendment before telling us how their consciences might operate.

      I am leaving your nonsensical comment up here to show the rest of the readers what those of us who actually cherish our Bill of Rights and in particular, our second amendment rights, are forced to deal with.

      Another exmample of someone who believes that disarming law-abiding citizens will prevent those who do not obey laws, aka criminals (for those who are simpleminded and do not understand what it is that makes one a criminal or a Law breaker) from obtaining said "evil" semi-automatic handguns and using it to take the lives of disarmed innocents.

      Yes, those gun laws have really succeeded in saving the lives of countless citizens (many of them children) in the city of Chicago for example which is a poster child for failing to address the real causes of gun violence in this nation.

    2. Dan -

      Lately I've been considering what the Minutemen at Lexington and Concord or the Virgnia militia man standing with Jackson at First Bulls Run were thinking shortly before lead started to fly?

      Did they think, "Gosh if only the Whig party had been stronger? If only the Fugitive Slave Law has been enforced" or "If only there had been a different British Prime Minister..."

      I believe we are past the point of assigning who is to blame for how we got here. We're here. Now, it's time for good men to stand up and save what can be saved.

    3. VIVA EL COBBOW !!!!



      (great post Dan!!!)

  3. Using a term like "leftism" is either a sign of political naivete or someone working for the intelligence agencies. The left-right paradigm was created by the NWO to dumb people down politically. The major "pro-gun" organizations like the NRA have been covertly controlled by the government for a long time but never a peep about this.

  4. There is no doubt that those currently in power seek to destroy civilian liberties and constitutional rights in a systematic way. They wish to do this for their own benefit. They will use every single opportunity they can to achieve their objectives.

    This man should be considered a hero for having saved the life of a child from a savage animal attack. However, those in power might very well grab this event as another opportunity to further destroy civilian liberties and constitutional rights by penalizing this poor individual who will be found guilty of carrying and using a gun instead of having saved someone else’s life.

    Such a sentence would send another wave of fear to the general population, which so far has done very little to defend their rights and to investigate, arrest, judge and condemn those responsible for the massive frauds that lead to the 2008 financial crisis and the subsequent problems that the entire world still face today.

    We must ask ourselves why at this very point in history, when the western world financial system is so close to implosion and when our institutions, regulatory agencies and politicians are showing a corruption level never seen before in our society, why those in power are doing everything they can to disarm the population at the same time that they are reducing civilian liberties and constitutional rights in a systematic way?

    I am afraid that the near future is reserving us some very dark pages of history.

    1. Eric;
      Good comment... thanks....Dan

    2. >why those in power are doing everything they can to disarm the population at the same time that they are reducing civilian liberties and constitutional rights in a systematic way?

      we can also ask why they are poisoning the food and water supply and pushing weaponized vaccines also.

      this is all about the NWO agenda of depopulation, global government and virtual complete control to further other agendas. Sadly, most of the population won't ever know what hit them when it comes to fruition.

    3. Perhaps a better word is "globalist" as more accurate as both republican and democrat can have same "powercraze tendencies" and further more US is not alone in this as many other people on this planet run the same agenda (but with different political background or label).

      To the person asking how many children? I'm afraid many more (and not just children) until this rot and cancer is purged from the planet. I strongly suggest you get a clue while you still can because if you were able to click to here with genuine interest in markets and situation click some more and start using brains.

      PS: The story about this man also serves as a reminder to all not to help each other to stay in the shadows, do nothing be a quiet sheep. Divide et impera, destruction of social fabric on all levels.

    4. Yes, thank you, Eric, for not making this a left vs right name calling rant. But two comments: first, it is not only those "currently in power" who seek to disempower the individual. It was during the previous administration that some of the MOST egregious violations of the Constitution occurred. A section of the Patriot Act, enacted under Bush and subsequently renewed by each congress since, suspends Habeas Corpus for those the govt believes to be "terrorists," INCLUDING Americans on American soil. This is an ASTOUNDING violation of rights! For those that don't know, Habeas Corpus ensures that a person has the legal right to be brought before a judge or court of law to know and understand the charges being brought or reason for imprisonment. It is generally considered to be THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT right designed to protect the individual from an overreaching State. And under the Patriot Act, our govt can override that right on the vague grounds of "terrorist suspect," which you and I both know could be applied as desired to anyone who actively disagrees with the current power structure or its actions. If you don't trust the govt or truly fear the govt, this is a far more dangerous trampling of individual rights and freedoms than enacting specific gun control laws. Where is the outcry across the nation, across political persuasions???? Or has the left/right division kept us from coming together to fight this? Or has the media insufficiently informed its population? Which brings me to my second point: if people are still harboring the fantasy that an arsenal of military style weapons is going to protect them from the current advanced, targeted killing technologies of the military, they are delusional. Yes they maybe could go out in a bloody, action movie style scene, but deader than a doornail they will be. Guns are not going to protect us from our Govt like they might have 200 years ago. I implore people to stay informed (turn off MSM and turn to alternative sources of info, across the political spectrum) and not hate those around you who disagree on the details. It is ultimately hate that kills people, so please do not further this dangerous division. We need to come together.

    5. I do not agree with your position that guns do not help. I agree they are just a tool and key is man and his dedication, but you also have refrain from thinking inside the box (waco standoff style USGOV vs one single AR15 dude and whole blaze of glory scenery). When (not IF) insurrection starts the other side will also have to operate all those fancy thingies they use nowadays to put fear into people and try to convince everyone of their omnipotence (read up on shun tzu that subduing enemy without a fight is greatest victory possible - are you sure you want to give this pleasure or honor to such wicked and worthless people) when in fact they have nothing. Once honest members of armed forces start declining orders and going AWOL or join the just cause their system will come crashing down like a giant tower of cards. What guns in the arms of people do is they decrease the number of years needed for succesful revolt and reduce the number of victims of opressing power. Less guns longer and more brutal it gets (check some world history on how long some truly disgusting things went on...)

    6. I personally do not believe an armed rebellion by the people would do anything but give the govt cause to kill even more people and with a force exponentially greater than anything the people could muster. But don't get me wrong, I believe people actually have way more power than we taught to believe. It is the power of righteousness. I believe that there is nothing more frightening to the establishment than a huge mass of resolute people willing to die for what they believe in. But a peaceful mob is much harder for the soldiers to shoot. They will shoot until their consciences overcome their training, and then they will lay down their arms and join the people because their humanity compels them to do so.

      I know I'm going to get lambasted for saying this, but I believe if the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street could have joined forces by focusing on the overlap in their positions (which there were many) we would have been able to affect more powerful change. Instead, the Tea Party was co-opted by the establishment (powered by the Koch brothers) and Occupy Wall street was squashed by the Obama administration.

    7. Happened before in US (Veterans Army and Patton...) and elsewhere. Also thinking you can have peaceful mob is naive since at best you will have infiltrated agents to provoke violence to allow for police/army to react to - also happened before. I'm sorry but peaceful solution was possible few years back but now i don't think it is any more (hope i'm wrong). It's just the way it is you turn a blind eye on injustice and evil and it just spreads, the longer it is allowed to spread the more people will suffer and i believe we all agree we've had our blinds on for a very very long time.
      But i agree 100% with you that this is not a party issue, religious issue but a simple good vs bad issue and all good men will have to stand as one if we're to purge this world of latest Devil incarnate.

  5. My place of work is in a less than nice industrial park.
    When I go for a walk I pass (on the other side of the street) a motorcycle repair shop that has two very large male pit bulls tied up with large gauge electical wire.

    These are substantial animals that remind of wild pigs. Large mass, low center of gravity, pissed off creatures. and not to be messed with...

    It would be a challenge for a brave man to take on with a 9mm 10 shot mag. I'd not like to go up against 3 raging pit's with my 1911 .45ACP 230g speed ball. You'll note that those folks who hunt wild pigs for a living are armed with either semi auto rifles (.223/5.56) or high velocity Win 30-30 in lever action rifles. And, they are engaging from 30-50 yards with no children in the line of fire.

    So, yeah, the guy is a hero. I'd shake his hand and buy him a beer.

    It has become a trite saing but it's still true, "When seconds count, the police are minutes away..."

    I'll never give up my fire arsm. molon labe.

  6. DC and a liberal bastion paper The Washington Post. Unbelievabe how much time they spent detailing any and all possible charges that can be drummed up. Small print on the actual physical issues caused by the pits!! If I have three healthy pit bulls attacking, please someone come shoot em. If my leg gets hit but I am saved then Thank God.

    Molon Labe


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