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Monday, December 31, 2012

Comex Gold Closes UP 6.9% for the Year

Comex gold had a nice day to finish out the year as it moved sharply higher around mid morning and pushed right into strong resistance at $1680 on the price chart.

The move enabled gold to put in yet another good performance on a yearly basis as it added 6.9% in 2012.

Gold in Yen terms was the best performer among the major currencies as the Yen lost over 20% of its value against gold.


  1. Thanks Dan. Could you post how silver did to compared to last year?

    1. According to Stockcharts, silver performed as follows.

      30-12-2011 closed at $27.78
      03-01-2012 opened at $27.98
      31-12-2012 closed at $30.23

      That is +8.8% from the 2011 close, or +8.0% from the 2012 open.

  2. best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2013!

  3. Looks like someone didn't like golds rally today. $11.20 just got erased instantly this evening even though it appears there isn't any trading due to holiday. This is on Kitco site.

    1. I also noted that on the Kitco website soon after the market closed. I have often seen the Kitco website present "corrections" to the price after a market close, sometimes to the upside. In this particular case the anomaly has now been changed to a flat line at $1675.20, and the drop has been removed, so I attribute the earlier drop to a glitch in Kitco's data.


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