"When misguided public opinion honors what is despicable and despises what is honorable, punishes virtue and rewards vice, encourages what is harmful and discourages what is useful, applauds falsehood and smothers truth under indifference or insult, a nation turns its back on progress and can be restored only by the terrible lessons of catastrophe." … Frederic Bastiat

Evil talks about tolerance only when it’s weak. When it gains the upper hand, its vanity always requires the destruction of the good and the innocent, because the example of good and innocent lives is an ongoing witness against it. So it always has been. So it always will be. And America has no special immunity to becoming an enemy of its own founding beliefs about human freedom, human dignity, the limited power of the state, and the sovereignty of God. – Archbishop Chaput


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

America Votes for National Suicide

Those on the left who read my columns will of course take exception with the title I have deliberately chosen, but that is and was a given. So let me start this by saying that I believe their euphoria at having seen their man win, will be short-lived, faced with the extreme problems facing this nation and their utter lack of anything that remotely resembles a plan to deal with them other than the usual class warfare tact of "soaking the rich" further and further enlarging the size and scope of an increasingly intrusive Federal Government.

I have written on this site repeatedly that the problems afflicting the US economy cannot and will not ever be solved by Uncle Ben Bernanke's alchemy of turning paper into "money" and multiplying it in ever larger doses. What ails the US is structural or deep seated. To tackle that involves a serious plan, a plan which by its very nature will involve making choices that will surely bring about some short-term pain but which would put the nation on a sound footing for long term growth and lasting prosperity. Foremost among this is reducing the spending binge in Washington DC and getting America's fiscal house in order. That WILL NOT HAPPEN now that the profligate spender Obama has been re-elected. He has no serious plan to reduce the deficit and never has. One can tax the "rich" into oblivion but even confiscating the entirety of their wealth would not so much as to put a dent into the burgeoning national debt.

Business owners, particularly small business owners, the backbone of this nation's economic health and the primary source of all job creation, had been holding their breath, hoping against hope, that the nation would be delivered from its national nightmare. They either went to bed last evening or arose early this morning to learn, much to their consternation and dismay, that the nightmare will continue for four more long years. A system of nationalized healthcare, with the IRS being the chief enforcers of the penalty for non-compliance now awaits them along with a set of growing, job-killing regulations guaranteed to put further burdens upon them. Not only that, the beginning of the year 2013, will see a massive set of tax hikes hit the nation, further depressing economic activity.

An energy rich nation, blessed by Providence with an abundance of oil, will see its federal lands shut off to any drilling. Any hope for a pipeline delivering Canadian crude to the lower 48 has now withered and died on the vine. China - enjoy that Canadian oil because we are not going to see any of it.

The Dollar, while getting a respite today due to the fact that a near panic has seized upon the investor class, is destined to further weaken, resulting in higher prices for the basics of life such as food and energy. The fiscal cliff is drawing ever nearer with the very real possibility, nay strike that, probability, that the rating agencies will further downgrade the US credit standing.

In short, get ready for the continuance of the same set of woes that have become all too familiar to us for far too long now. In the markets, expect the wicked volatility to become even worse as they swing wildly between euphoria and despair, based on whether or not the latest dose of funny money injections has temporarily boosted economic activity for a few weeks before its impact then fades once again.

If you have any doubt as to what the markets believe the result of this election is, take a look at the following chart of the S&P 500, the broader measurement of the US stock market. The collapse in the equity markets tells us everything that we need to know about the election results as far as the impact on the economy goes.

This brings me to my last point and to my most controversial one. In observing those election results I have become convinced that this nation, as we once knew it, is a house divided, to the extent that it cannot survive in its present form. There is absolutely nothing "UNITED" about these United States of America.

Among my close friends, I have been speaking to this topic for more than a decade now, having become convinced as far back as the 2000 election, that the nation was headed down the road to dissolution. Let me explain...

As a commodity futures trader, my task is to study TRENDS, particularly longer term trends and by so doing to hopefully profit thereby. There are trends in markets but there are also trends in a society. The trend in this society is an increasing divide between two diametrically opposed political ideologies.

The first of these is conservatism. Those who adhere to this view, and I include myself in this camp, believe in a system of limited government as envisioned by our Founding Fathers. The powers of the federal government are few and well defined with those not specifically delegated to it by the Constitution remaining within the providence of the individual states. "Unalienable" rights procede from God, and as such, are not subject to intrusion upon by the state. The state exists to protect and preserve these "rights".

The other view is that of the European statist model. The central government, that which is furthest removed from the people, has the lion's share of power. It view "rights" as those which those in power at any particular time, decide to grant (case in point - the "RIGHT" to medical care). The notion of "unalienable" rights, those which the government may not intrude upon, is an outdated, ancient concept which has no place in a modern society. The Constitution, while given lip service, is more often than not, a "flexible" document which may be ignored should it interfere with the desired outcome of those in power at the time.

Additionally, under this view, government exists to be the Great Leveler. Income inequality is something that cannot be allowed but must be rectified in the name of some nebulous form of cosmic "justice". That means wealth redistribution from producers to takers, overseen of course by a group of all-wise, good-intentioned central planners.

One model is that of liberty and has given rise to the greatest, most free, most prosperous nation in the history of the world.

The other model, see the case evidence in modern Europe - Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, etc. - produces soft tyranny and economic stagnation and inevitable decay.

Think about what we are already seeing - we have a central government dictating what kind of washing machines we may have and what kind of light bulbs we can burn in our own homes. We now are faced with the incomprehensible notion that the federal government can compel individuals to purchase health care insurance or pay a fine, a fine which I might add is now going to be under the purview of the Internal Revenue Service.  What's next - what temperature we may be allowed to set our home thermostats at? Wait until Obama finally gets his chance at a CARBON TAX.

This being said, where is the commonality in these two ideologies? Quite frankly, there is none. Just how are those who adhere to the conservative vision supposed to react when they find their sacred liberties being curtailed, their children's opportunities being shrunk, the fruit of their labors being increasingly demanded from them and the incentive for hard work disappearing? What portion of their deeply held and cherished convictions and traditions are they supposed to surrender in the name of getting along or the famously empty buzzword -  "bipartisanship"?

I submit that the common bond which once held Americans together, across a variety of states, has been torn asunder by decades of class warfare, the politics of resentment and an education system which has failed to teach the unique genius of the original American system of government combined with the virtue of self-reliance.

We are divided along ideological lines in a chasm that is as wide as any time in our nation's history going back to the War Between the States in 1861- 1865. Let's face it, the people in the red states have very little in common with the people in the blue states other than the fact that they happen to reside within the geographical boundaries of a set of lines drawn on a map. What pray tell does a conservative state such as Texas have in common with what is often referred to as "The People's Republic of California"? The Old South might as well be a completely foreign nation to the majority of people who reside along the Northeast corridor when it comes to values and traditions.

That fault line that existed in our nation's Civil War past was settled not by a bridging of the differences, a finding of common ground, but by a horrific war in which the victor imposed its will upon the defeated.

I submit that these "DisUnited States of America" should procede with an amicable divorce while there is still time. Let those states in which the majority choose to live under and be ruled by a European statist model form their own union. Let those states in which a majority desire to remain under the system devised by the Founding Fathers form their own union. Incidentally, let this union opt for sound money.

Let the two nations trade freely with one another and enjoy a friendly relation with each other. Let the citizens of each respective nation be free to immigrate or emigrate to one or the other depending on their convictions and belief set. But let them do this before the internal tensions in this nation rip it apart at the seams.

I do not say this lightly as it pains me exceedingly to even contemplate such an occurence but try as I can, I do not see any earthly way possible for this ever-widening ideological gulf to be bridged. The left in this nation will not rest until they have imposed their statist model upon the rest of us who reject it. The right merely wants the government to leave us alone and let us get about our "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness".

I leave you with the words of Jesus Christ: " A house divided against itself cannot stand and a kingdom divided against it itself will fall".

Quo Vadis America???


  1. "HEAR!!! HEAR!!!.........HEAR!!! HEAR!!!!

    i give you Dan Norcini! a patriot of the first order and a gentleman and a scholar!

    it will take a world socialist entitlement debacle to sober up the neo-leftists......and its going to hurt...........but here it comes.

    1. Bravau. Let the two nations trade with each other, but dont force the one to subsidize the foolishness of the other. Liberals are vampires who have no vital force of their own, but must steal it from others. Obama and Bernanke should have to profitably run a 7-11 before they're given the keys to the palace.

    2. From Honduras:

      I lived in the States for ten years and my heart is broken over what has become of the USA: a welfare nation, with entitlements, credit card addiction and where the notion of hard work has dissapeared.

      When I lived in the States you were expected to work hard to reach for the American Dream. I guess now you attack the rich or those who produce and ask for your "fair share".

      Another thing, I feel sorry for white people in the States. 80% of blacks voted for Obama because of his skin color, and they said it out loud proudly. Can you imagine a white person saying he or she voted for Romney because he is white? They would be crucified!! (And NO, I'm not racist!!!) I'm just saying what I saw in the States, that it is OK to be racist towards white people"

      It sounds extreme but conservatives should try to split or move to certain states. And I'm not a liberal or socialist hater, a fundamentalist or one of those whacko militia guys, but there is a truth, and that is that the United States is polarizied to that point that society will cease to function in a couple of decades. Go now for the amicable split!
      Good luck my American freinds!

    3. In the Untied States... there are double standards all over the place. I am sick of it.

  2. Trader Dan,
    I am a liberal, a metals trader and in no way put out by your words. I am in agreement with your basic thesis:the Union may not hold. Last night a mini-riot on the campus of Ole Miss (my alma mater) took place with the burning of Obama paraphernalia and once again racial slurs again openly thrown. The South with its religious fundamentalism and undying racial bigotry will never countenance this president. The South (and the very blue Western states) operate in a fundamentalist, anti-science world antithetical to liberal democracies of the developed world. These states exist in their own bubble of guns, god and (ironically) federal assistance. Sooner or later this American house divided will do just that. In fact, a book caused quite the sensation this summer entitled: "Better Off Without 'Em" by Chuck Thompson. His argument is very simple: let the Confederates states go. And I agree. Between a choice of Sweden and Mississippi, I'll take Sweden any day of the year.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks. I may add the destruction of the education system, trying to even impose religious values into schools. But that's not all, the conservative who don't want to give up to big govt, have no problem giving up to big corporations, both who, thanks to conservative politics of the past 50 years are one and the same.

      I'm more on the left side of all this, and believe me, I don't like to pay taxes, I don't like big brother watching over my shoulder (spying on my communication, a very big favorite of the conservative politicians out there). My view is localized govt only. NO federal govt, no STATE govt. Local city govt/counties only. This way we know who we're dealing with... with of course across border taxation on trades to redistribute fairly to educative and medical institutions so that the poor cities can survive as well, and avoid creating ghettos (we have created ghetto countries all around the world by stealing their resources and paying them no tax, and we scream murder when some of our money is sent back to these countries... actually a small percentage of what they should have gotten from their resources in the first place).

      I think it's time to open our eyes, and see where all the money is going: the defense department for making our travels more dangerous everyday, the support of the Israel war machine, the subsidies to the Oil/Energy industry that doesn't need it, and the subsidies to the agricultural industry (ADM, Monsanto, Dupont, etc.. are the big winners of the subsidies to farmers).

      Not sure why you, Dan, would avoid looking at all this, when you seem to see so clearly through the commodity markets.

      Let's move into the future, seriously. Let's invest in innovation, and non-fossil fuel energy sources. Because if we don't, well you said it, China will be beating us to it (they already are selling us Solar panels!!).

      In the end, I always feel that the game b/w liberals and conservatives is more about how much less tax you can pay, on trading commodities, which is equal to producing nothing substantial for society.

      But hey, let me tell you, I don't want Obama or the democrats either. I don't want big govt either, but I can see clearly that the right-wing extremists (abortion, god, immigration,...) are not going to give us any more freedom or alleviate our wallet, NOR the wallet of small/medium businesses.

      In the past 4 years, Obama has not increased any taxes on anyone.... and probably still won't be able to in the next 4. Romney was not going to be able to stop the QE to infinity... he would have done the exact same thing. There's no end until it ends.

    3. SSK,
      I am a Swede, a conservative and somewhat put out by your words.
      Sweden, famous for the largest wellfare systems and the highest suicide rates. The swedish wellfare systems are disintegrating before our eyes, not because conservatives have any influence in the ruling liberal parties but because they are not sustainable. Sweden is still maintaining one of the highest tax rates in the world (now second to Denmark), but meanwhile the unemployment benefits have drop from being secong highest in the world 2005 to being below OECD average today. At the same time crime rates are going through the roof. Changes since 1980 for Sweden: Assault +207% (US -20%) Rape +446% (US -16%) Homicide +73% (US -44%). Crime rates in Sweden are now double to the US in the first two categories from being only fractions of the US numbers 30 years ago. Sweden today has "no go zones" where the fire department wont´t enter without police escort and in parts of Malmö the post is no longer being delivered. I think you know less about Sweden then I do about Mississippi.
      Are you still sure you want to adopt the Swedish model?

    4. Bjorn,

      Have you ever traveled the MIssissippi Delta? Until you do, I would assert that you have no clue, NO CLUE whatsoever just how fucked up society can become. I won't bother with the statistics. Google them. BY the way I love Sweden. Been there many times. Everyone dresses like they are in business class.

      Something tells me Bjorn that you are speaking out of your ass, that you really haven't been to Mississippi, or Alabama, or Louisiana. If you did, you would no just how laughable your Swedish crime statistics are. Poverty, health, crime, racism, education-- you have no idea just how sorry Mississippi stacks up to a country like yours.

      Between Sweden, Norway, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, etc, hell yeah I would choose their model over Mississippi. Dude, I'm laughing here just thinking of the comparison. Laughing.

    5. He stated he didn't know much about Mississippi?

      The problem is much easier than all of you state...

      its the 2 party system...a duopoly created to confuse, agitate and alienate...turn the people on themselves over a title like liberal, conservative. Not one business owner I talked with today in my business was named con or lib? Weird huh?

      You want progress, 2 terms max for senate and congress. Congress makes the laws, not Obama thus Dan is incorrect with his president rant. Both parties are owned by corporations thanks to our Supreme court.

      The country is great, the differences vast but it will never be the American we once new. Everyone worrying about peak oil might want to think about Peak America...its gone, we passed it by...its downhill from here and then leveling off.

      The Canada oil is a myth, we need solar and natural gas initiatives. Not stupid drilling in the Artic that won't supply more than one day of American oil consumption. Stupid.

      What should have been done at the start of this debacle is reward those whom pay on time and are savers. Instead they have rewarded greed. Debt pushers are much worse than drug pushers. Instead of saving banks we should have given every homeowner whom made payments on time a free solar system and put all those construction workers into building out a solar grid.

      No bailouts for greedy homeowners or banks who gambled. Tarp could have funded and backstopped 12 regional banking centers to allow unwind of BOFA and CITI....credit lines, deposits etc would have been upheld.

      but talk is just that...

    6. SSK,

      Information that I hear from others for the last several years correlates with Bjorn's comment on Sweden so I think you misstated who is speaking out of what (that's as far as I go with that kind of uncivil language).

      After looking into reports on the demonstration at Ole Miss campus I have to conclude it's not a big deal. Except to a liberal. If white students get a little rowdy it's the end of the world; they’re bringing out the chains! If black students get rowdy and do far worse, like rough up other students, it's considered no big deal. By the way, the latter happens all the time across the country. I've seen it up close. It's never mentioned by the media, but if a racial slur comes out of the mouth of a white student then the sky is falling.

    7. The South with its fundamentalism and bigotry? The Fundamentalism and bigotry on any liberal univeristy (course its your fundamentalism and bigotry so its OK) make your caricature of the South look like a Koobayah bongo circle.

    8. SSK - thanks for the comments and the kind spirit in which they were written.

      I reject any racial bigotry in any form no matter whom the perpetrators are.

      I will have to try to make the time to read that book you recommended. I might find that we have both some to the same conclusion albeit from completely different starting points!

      Sincere best,

    9. Obviously. ..We keep on keeping on. . My life gets better... as I move forward. . And yours. .. It's more about micro than macro... as for my children.... they'll get along ok... It's that easy!

    10. SSK,
      I realize Sweden is not the topic of the article...
      Don´t get me wrong, I love Sweden too. As I assume for the US most parts of Sweden are quite safe, though there are now areas that are not accessible to me, and I don´t think you´ve been to them. Though wages are low and taxes high I´m pretty well off and don´t live in such areas, but many Swedes can´t afford to move out of them. My point is that the social security schemes are not as good as the reputation gives. Enough about Sweden.
      Kind Regards

    11. Well said SSK.
      I am a social liberal and a fiscal conservative, probably closest to libertarian in politics and an avid gold bug.
      The republican conservatives tend to be fundamentalist, bigoted and animalize women. These things scare me.
      I hate socialism but the freedom sucking conservatives scare me even more. If they would weed out the fundamentalist crazies and stop making women's bodies political game I would vote for them. Alas, sadly , judging from Texas, they haven't learned their lesson yet.
      I admire Trader Dan and respect his views but I do not practice his religion and want the freedom to practice mine; one that values integrity, ethics and freedom . Again, conservatives push the idea of freedom, but only their brand of such.
      That we are divided is so true and it saddens me. I truly believe it happened when the religious right took over the republican party a couple of decades ago. Once we shed the separation of church and state we got into trouble.
      Split the Nation? I would have a hard time picking between two evils. I would like at least one area populated with normal, centrist, compassionate , hard working, freedom loving ,independent people.
      Anyway, I am enjoying the replies. I learn a lot when I read these. I am always open to fresh views.

  3. Quo Vadis America?

    It's very simple:
    Money as debt with compound interest leads to the concentration of wealth in the hands of the money masters until the system collapses.

    Neither Obama's "tax the rich" (which in fact is NOT about taxing the real rich, but the middle-class) nor Romney's spending reduction adresses the REAL problem which lies in the way money as debt is constructed.

    It doesn't matter who is elected, the mathematically founded exponential rise of debt and with it the concentration of wealth will continue - until this cancersystem will collapse.

    But there would be a quite simple solution to stabalize the system for several decades - but since the mass media are under control of the 1%, this is only theoretically:

    The 1% that posseses 80% of the country, is not the hard working average people that are the backbone of EVERY society and that have been the backbone of the USA, too.
    This 1% is sucking the hard working people dry because how money as debt is constructed.
    Every Dollar surplus is someones debt.
    This means: taking the wealth from this 1% away, makes 80% of all debt and the burden on the whole economy disappear.
    Taking the extreme concentration of wealth away, annihilates the debt and is the base to reduce taxes tremendously afterwards.

    There is no way around mathematical laws. And money as debt with compound interest leads to exponential concentration of wealth at one spot, while the rest is drowning in debt.

    1. debt pushers are much worse than drug pushers...

      your definitely on right track...they just created this debt equals money by opening up subprime loans backed by Ally to drive auto sales. The yields don't cover the credit quality part of underwriting yet they sell 530 fica's a 25K car? the auto finance bubble is approaching peak.....get ready hell is coming...

  4. pretty easy to have a sweet ride in sweden alright........a homogenous, no immigration, low birthrate society supported by north sea oil....... that took apart its too big to fail banks in 1990.

    pretty easy.

    nothing like the devisive, race card and class warfare used by the left here.

    1. Sweden, no immigration? Swedes are starting to demonstrate against Muslim immigration into Sweden that started in the mid 1970's. Fire trucks need a police escort into Muslim areas.

    2. Sweden has a very large Muslim immigrant base and community areas in most of the southern cities now. Sharia law is happening in the "no go" areas. Taxes are very high supporting cultural Marxism (Feminism). The main Scandinavian beneficiary of North Sea oil and gas is Norway (the state has a huge slush fund saved up), not Sweden.

  5. Dan,
    I have followed your site for the last 2 years, and i have to say, that i believe this is one of your best posts ever. I also sadly believe you are correct with your line of reasoning and unfortunatly, i think most are coming to the realization that that there is only one solution to this problem. I pray it does not, but the words of Jesus Christ say it all.
    God help us all!

  6. Boatman, you're wrong about Sweden. I'm Swedish so I should know. My country has one of the highest imigration rates per capita in Europe and we don't have any oil. That's Norway.

  7. Brilliant article though rather naive in thinking that "central planners" would simply let go for you see if you want to plan and redistribute you need firstly subjects to plan for and secondly items/wealth/knowledge:) to redistribute. This is not 1:1 relationship this is host/parasite (as far as i see a typical liberal cannot live without someones brain to wash, cannot produce worth of shit etc...) so you can imagine that this type of parasite would gladly kill his host before letting go as that would mean his certain death. I only hope it happens sooner than later as i prefer that i'm the one having to fight and probably die for survival and new world than my sons or worse yet their children.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Dan,
    I'm a bit surprised that as a conspiracy theorist you believe electing Romney would have made any difference. Your analysis of the impact of the country's decisions is spot on, but the same banks, corporations, and Saudi princes are backing both candidates and it didn't matter who won, hence why we had the choice of 2 puppets as candidates. The most fascinating part is that Wall Street pretended to like Romney and hate Obama to create a hero and a villain to execute grand theft stock market post election and have the public buy it. You might have gotten rid of Obamacare if Romney won, but it would have still been 4 years of greed and bad decisions disguised a different way.

    1. Actually, I believe a Romney win would have accelerated the decline faster....Obama will prop, Romney would have started world war 3....

    2. Are you aware that the Obama administration is supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis fighting the Syrian government? Syria, Iran, Russia, China on one side. Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the US on the other side. If you knew more about it you would be afraid. The stakes are very high and neither side can or will back down. And you think Romney would be worse? Americans know little of what their government is doing then make decisions.

    3. Unknown, are you a fox news viewer..The ottoman empire is making a reappearance...Turkey is the center of the ottoman empire, we are providing the fire...The CIA created almost every puppet player in the middle east....We create them to tear them down later when we need to change....A world war is possibly the only way out of this mess, don't think the PTB won't let the chips fall....do you see banks agreeing on a jubilee? Me either...thus what you get is military complex creating decisions....obama doesn't make laws....so provide your evidence instead of hyperbole...

    4. honestcreditguy,

      Try to read your own post before asking anything of someone else.

  10. "...The first of these is conservatism. Those who adhere to this view, and I include myself in this camp, believe in a system of limited government as envisioned by our Founding Fathers..."

    Dan, I hope that you do not believe that big government Romney, Bush, McCain, Reagan, Nixon, et al. represent you. Republicans like big government in defense, police state, and foreign aid, while Democrats like big government in welfare and public programs, e.g., education.

    The dichotomy is not conservative vs. liberal. It is not Republican vs. Democrat. The real dichotomy is big government (Republican or Democrat) vs. small government (libertarian).

    Americans are reawakening up to this, their true philosophical roots, slowly but surely.

  11. Dan, you should see a map: in the blue states most of the rural and suburban neighborhoods were bright red last night, only the big cities, where most of the population lives were blue. i.e. see Ohio. I'm from Ann Arbor, Michigan, and the people here were ecstatic over the Obama win, which also made me sick. Not to make this more divisive, but the girls keep saying how Obama/ Dems support their rights when it comes to their bodies, which I agree with. However, they do not mind telling the rest of us what to do with our wallets when it comes to free birth control, free abortion, free healthcare, free school etc.

  12. Fantastic post Dan! If only we had this type of analysis and discussion in Mainstream Media. Unfortunately TPTB control information.

  13. Dan, I respect your talents and your generous sharing of knowledge, but I must take issue.

    In my opinion, any suggestion that "Conservatism" is pure and holy is misguided. In fact, "Conservatism" no longer exists. It has been replaced by "Extremetism" and that is part of the problem.

    I now believe that neither political party has a solution for our financial problems. But dividing our states would only replace 1 troubled nation with 2 failed regions, because the success of either would surely depend, in part, on which portion had the most natural resources, including railways, infrastructure, smart leaders and other enhancements. Peaceful co-existence? I doubt it.

    Tough-talking so-called conservatives -- since Nixon -- always make it sound so simple. Forgive me if I remain deeply skeptical.

  14. Sad but true words, Dan. The polarization between those who demand more government intrusion in their lives (and the lives of everyone else) versus those who desire less intrusion, grows sharper with each passing day. Personally, I can envision a point in the not-too-distant future in which the differences become irreconcilable and a number of states or regions of the country opt for secession (did not such a thing happen once before, some 150 years ago? And is it not a further irony that the Confederacy, which sought self-determination, was defeated, and essentially enslaved, by a Union government which spoke of emancipation?). Yes, perhaps a civil divorce is for the best, in the manner of the one achieved by Czechoslovakia, before talk of another civil war rears its ugly head.

  15. Interesting article Dan. However, as endzeit points out, the real issue in our country is the money system. Currently, banks have the legal right to create currency out of nothing and loan it to the rest of us. Something like 97% of current money has been created out of bank loans. They create the principle when they make a loan but, importantly, do not create the interest component of the loan. The interest component is only created by birth of yet another loan. That is why debt levels can never go down in our current system. Two variables exist in the system:

    X = the amount of currency in the system
    Y = the total amount of debt in the system

    If banks loan X amount of money into the system, then:

    X + interest =Y

    Because of the difference between stocks and flows the system can run smoothly even though there never exists enough currency to pay off the total debt. That is:

    Y>X always

    What happened in the boom of the early 2000's was a massive increase in the amount of debt money creation as banks created billions in new deposits for house speculators. This brand new money flooded the economy. But since it did not go into productive capacity, the population quickly lost the ability to cover the interest component of the equation.
    While the bust drove down the value of the house prices it did nothing to the Y component of the equation. Debts were created, debts were owed, with interest.

    In short, there simply is not enough money in the system to service the debt. This is the debt "overhang"

    QE is simply Ben Bernanke's attempt to add more non-debt money to as system that desperately needs money to handle the debt load. It dilutes current wealth but without this dilution the system collapses.

    Endzeit is incorrect. We do not need the appropriate wealth of the 1%. We need to take back our birth right as a people and nationalize our currency.

    There are few things in a society that should be nationalized . However, the one thing that must be controlled by a sovereign country is its currency.

  16. The dream ended when Abraham Lincoln decided on an all-powerful Federal government and states rights take a back seat. What has happened since was a forgone conclusion after that.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. So true. Yet just about every Right talking head (Rush,Levin,Beck)is constantly telling us how great this man was for the country. Of course they all seem to only know their 7th grade history learnings of him. Judge Napolitano being the exception.Sad.

    3. Steven is right about Lincoln.

  17. I find it strange that so many Conservatives were upset about last nite but less so by John Roberts ruling on ObamaCare. For me,...that decision really hurt me on a magnitude much more than this silly election. Romney never even talked about the Constitution or liberty. This 4th Turning is going to suck big time. :(

    Conservatives now belly aching they need to reach out to latinos, and blacks..etc...that thats their problem. No interest in the Constitution...or principles...nope...its only about power to them.

  18. It is amazing that super-patriots conveinently forget how their hero, Georgie 9/11 Bush, stole the presidency with the help of his brother Jeb, governor of Florida, and the US Supreme Court,and then proceeded to start a war with Iraq that had nothing to do with 9/11, based upon patent lies about WMD that were known to be false at the time.

    Super-patriots conveininetly forget that as a result of Georgie's lies, 5,000 young Americans were murdered as a result, 10's of thousands of young Americans were maimed, blinded, and injured, and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians were killed. It does not bother these super-patriots that Georgie 9/11 Bush was a mass murderer, because he was a Republican.

    1. Actually without the wars we have no budget deficit....every imperialist country has failed...we will too...

    2. Instant Karma,

      It wouldn't have mattered who won the 2000 election. 911 would have still happened. The wars would have followed. From my research into how decisions are made I have to conclude Gore would have done the same as Bush.

    3. There is no evidence that Gore would have ignored all the specific warnings about Bin Laden's determination to strike within the US. There is no evidence that Gore had a personality conflict with his father that drove him to try to prove his manhood by sending young people out to die on his behalf. There is no evidence that Gore had a dissolute youth as an AWOL cokehead and alcoholic. There is no evidence that Gore was being led by the nose by a cabal called PNAC (Project for a New American Century)that actively hoped for a new Pearl Harbor so they could intervene in the world.
      Even if 9/11 happened under Gore, there is no evidence that he would have invaded Iraq with cooked up evidence.
      In a way it does not matter what Gore would have done: if he was a traitor and a mass murderer, he should be held accountable.
      By the way, regarding the mess we are in, we all know that since Bush was so obsessed with chasing after bogeymen that our entire government never even though about our economy. By the time Georgie 9/11 Bush left office, he had doubled the national debt, it was increasing at 1 trillion per year, and our country was in free fall.
      If you have the time to research the Bush dynasty, you will find that Prescott Bush (George's grandfather) was a profiteer during WWII, making money by trading with Nazis, and helping them acquire steel to kill Allied soldiers. The entire family have operated as a flesh-eating virus, feeding upon the American body politic.

    4. good reply Instant K...

      some people just can't handle the truth, thus make up BS that paints their picture...unknown hides behind his moniker and leaves little to discover outside of his fox fodder...

    5. Do either of you remember that the US had been bombing Iraq for ten years before the invasion? Do you think the US was going to take their bombs and walk away? You seem to go over the edge with the Bush hatred.

  19. This is some kind of cosmic thing Dan. I just posted on my blog at doomerdoug.wordpress.com a 2002 essay I wrote called "The United States versus America" that makes many of the points you make. I hadn't thought about it since 2009 until Obama stole the election yesterday. I saw your blog post and went "WOW."

    A lot of people are coming to the same conclusions about the blue/red state differences. I just hope the divorce can be peaceful.

  20. Today proved without a doubt.

    Bernanke is the master of all markets, he deliberately crashed gasoline prices to bottom out right around Election Day to save his job and save Obama's.

    After this selloff in stocks exhausts itself, watch for a huge U-Turn and we head to make new highs.

    Gold's resilience is already telegraphing "Whatever It Takes" to keep the Ponzi Pyramid going, despite Harry Reid's insistence of raising the debt limit to $19 trillion today.

    1. Bernanke doesn't oversee commodities....might have to look deeper than him for gas price reduction but most is due to lack of demand, specs run the price up and down...

      were using less gas than 10 years ago with 30 million more cars and drivers....

  21. Hi Dan,
    I follow your blog, and I value your opinion on the subject of precious metals almost over anyone else I read.
    However, I have to disagree with you that the country is worse off with Obama as President. Personally, neither of these Presidential choices thrills me. I’d like to see Bernie Sanders or Dennis Kucinich as president.
    There is a class war going on, and the wealthy have been waging it on the poor for over 30 years. I’m still waiting for Obama to give the “Economic Royalists” speech, and the Eisenhower “Military - Industrial Complex Speech”.
    I have personally seen how things have been going for both classes over the years. Since, I work with the 1%, and live with the 99%.
    In general, my friends who had wealthy parents are wealthier now than their parents ever dreamed of being, and my friends who had poor parents, are poorer now then their parents where.
    The Republican and Democratic Policies over the past 30 years have devastated the working class, and have created wealth inequality in the U.S.; that are more and more similar to Mexico’s wealth inequality.
    I respect you, but I think you are out of touch with the plight of working people.
    My friends and family are better of with President Obama, although I wish there was a better choice Obama doesn’t go far enough.
    We need to go back to the Eisenhower years when the top marginal tax rate was 90%, and the country was thriving. That kind of tax policy encourages reinvestment & training rather than taking profits in salary and bonuses to buy second homes, cars, boats, and jets.

    1. You are so right. 90% rates meant profits was not declared as income but instead reinvested. After those rates were cut, money was shunted out of businesses all across the US and put into asset speculation bubbles on Wall St or real estate. Eventually, it was moved offshore where estimates of $32T are today in offshore centers. Meanwhile, those USDs were borrowed into existence right here, where interest is due on them every year, but they are not here creating any demand for goods and services. Cutting that top rate was a big mistake. It led to the systematic removal of productive economy from here to lawless countries and the de-skilling of our citizens. They are now reduced to pauper status while the 0.1% and their 0.9% servants make all the money from assets, not production. Terrible shame. But also a shame that commodities traders do not have to see the whole picture to do their jobs, or write for Reuters and so on!

    2. 90% rates is morally offensive. I would shrug if I were Atlas at those rates. You Progressives who think you can imagine a philosophers king paradise are delusional and dangerous. How is 75% working out for France!??!?! You are scary!

  22. There are a few additional factors to consider here. The Debt-Money fractional-reserve system embedded in our economy by the Fed Act and other received wisdom about money creation needs to be considered here for its effects on our economy. These systems always lead to collapse for the many and wealth concentration for the few. Fractional-reserve money with its over-expansion contraction cycle always results in wealth concentrating. It also results in public debts because they are embedded in the system with the Primary-Dealers. Any serious analysis of what is going on needs to include this aspect of the economy. The expansion of Fed spending on war is directly linked to the never ending money expansion needs of banks for loans abroad for businesses like mines, plantations, oil wells, pipelines, etc.

    Also, small businesses are right to be alarmed. But again, they should be alarmed at the hidden subsidies given to the largest corporations because they can buy politicians with this illegitimate campaign finance and money as speech system. That is the reason their effective tax rate is 11% while small businesses pay 40% or more.

    It is also right to consider the future prospects of dissolution. But, just as in the US civil war, rich foreigners and their bankers get behind seeding civil war conflicts. Historic evidence traces funding for many civil wars. They funded both the Abolitionist movement from England, and also the KKK to divide this nation once before. French banks were also busy funding the Confederacy in their folly. They both had the spoils in their sights, and their respective armies on the borders in Canada and Mexico. They know how to do it again using the Conservative/”statist” divide this blogger cites, or any divide for that matter. There has been a lot of dough spent these last decades reinforcing that meme as the only thing that matters. In fact, the Neo-Liberal/”statist” divide is traced to funds from Rockefellers, Kochs and British collaborators. Hayek and many others were exchanged across the Atlantic over the last 40 years to propagandize us about this narrow debate. They are just about ready for short sales as the USD loses reserve currency status. US banks they largely control will be happy to oblige with the newly created trading lines. They can create as much new money as they want when it comes time to short the USD. When the USD goes it won’t be Presidents making that decision. It will be bankers loaning to currency traders!

    The US and foreign money funds and family offices who want the minerals here will not let the two nations trade peacefully together. They will seed and arm all kinds of territorial disputes. That is how it works once the Federal union dissolves. The history of Britain, France, or Netherlands around the world shows now that will work. Now that Saudi or Chinese money is in the mix, it won't be any different for us. They are adept at whipping us up using media the Saudis have a big stake in like News Corporation, or Bain Capital has like ClearChannel. The Michael Jackson, Tiger Woods, Trayvon, or Chick-Fil-A affairs all show they have rehearsed. There are far too many minerals remaining under ground here that the EPA or Minerals and Mining Agency may have protected for a few decades. But, those days are over now. We have too many wealthy powerful people here who are happy to oblige with the sabotage from the inside. They will be even richer than they are now. The 99% will be the miners and earth haulers and whatever other poorly paid job they need! That was their goal all along. Just about 80 years of inconvenience for them!

  23. I have been interested in the way this text has made reference to our God in its fleeting manner. I do subscribe to some of Dan's views here but I believe those that are interested in a more precise idea of where Obama aligns your country I would suggest references be made to the following site.


    Forgetting the pros and cons of the current presidential system the facts stated here I am sure will cause you some alarm.

  24. What are the dynamics, logistics for a State or States to secede?
    How doable and how practical is it? Because, having read this brilliant piece, I think it's encumbent on the people of these States to do just that, before Soetoro rips a cavenous hole in those States which have the termerity to oppose his Communistic ideologies.

    Any one?

  25. You should join the Taliban or al-Qaeda. They reject democracy as well since it won't take them back in time to some mythical "God-loving" utopia. If only you could get rid of all the people that don't share your idealistic vision. Go your own way. But take all the debt from your wars and tax cuts with you.

  26. Duncan - ah yes, a typical expected response. We'll take the debt from the wars, will bring tax cuts with us to generate economic activity and jobs ( something which the current nation has little of ) while your side can take the debt from the entitlement programs and dependency culture created by leftist utopian schemes to create their idea of heaven on earth. that sounds like a pretty fair splitting of the overall debt.

    My guess is that all the businesses would quickly relocate to the new country but rest assured, we will treat you kindly in our new "God-loving" utopia as I suspect you will not be long in digging a tunnel over to our side once you learn where all the jobs and economic growth went!

    Have a pleasant day infidel! :o)

    1. I can't agree. Although I might like to come over to your side to keep more of my money to myself the elderly poor and the sick would be coming over to my side since you "Godly" types would let them die in the streets. Other democracies take care of the sick and the old. It's not utopian, just plain human decency.

    2. Duncan - please stop drinking the leftist Kool-Aid and get real. What do you think led to the social safety net in this nation in the first place? It came out of the social reform movement that took place in the early 1800's and was led by Christians such as Charles Finney and other proponents of a more social gospel approach where they followed the teachings of Christ to look after the poor, needy and downtrodden in accordance with both Jewish teachings out of their Scriptures as well as Christian teachings out of the New Testament. The key difference here between what they did was that they used their own money to aid the poor and needy.

      It is easy to describe oneself as charitable and caring when you are basically giving out someone else's money. It is something altogether different to take the fruit of your own labors and aid someone in need. This is in accordance with the teachings of Christ who told his followers that it "is more blessed to give than it is to receive". and to "be generous, ready to give to others".

      Did you not learn about orphanages created by Christian groups in the earlier days of our nation? whom do you think led the abolition movement here in the US? The Taliban! It was Christian groups. Those are simple historical facts which you would do well to first learn before launching into such foolish diatribes.

      The facts are that conservatives believe in a strong social safety net for those who are unfortunate but those same principles that lead to this care also issue another injunction that a "man whom does not work does not eat". Bill Clinton understood this concept and worked together with Republicans to pass welfare reform which contained a work requirement.

      But it is unfortunate that you are too ideologically blinded by your view to let the facts get in the way of learning the truth about that which you so foolishly condemn.

      The irony in all this is that the policies followed by the current administration have led to the greatest number of citizens on food stamps in the history of this nation. 47 MILLION people needing assistance because they cannot find a good paying job and because the garguantuan debt load racked up by the leaders of both parties over the last 12 years has destroyed the value of our currency and contributed directly to soaring food prices.

      Please consider this response as my last to you on this matter as I am too busy watching others die in the streets while refusing to aid them.

    3. Just for a laugh, who would be the first president of each of these New Americas?
      Indeed, what would they be named?

    4. It wouldn't much matter. After 40 or 50 years the America of the Conservatives would own everything and the Libs would all be swimming for Asia. Then we can just go back to normal

  27. Gold you can hold


  28. Dan, when you say, "The right merely wants the government to leave us alone and let us get about our life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," you are ignoring the encroachment of personal freedom that is at the core of the Republican party platform as it currently stands. As long as the GOP intends to foist religion and their version of morality on the American population, it will be rejected. As long as that is a major part of their platform, it is incorrect for you to write that the right merely want the govt. to leave us alone and let us get about our life, especially when viewed in the context of recent creations such as the Patriot Act and the TSA, to name just a couple, that erode our freedoms and degrade Americans on a daily basis.

    The Republicans only have themselves to blame for their loss. They rejected the Ron Pauls and Gary Johnson's of the world who preached fiscal conservatism, individual rights, and smaller, less invasive government and fed us a steady stream of 'leaders' who felt it is within the governments auspices to legislate morality onto the masses. Ultimately, I guess there weren't as many people angry about the government telling us "what kind of washing machines we may have and what kind of light bulbs we can burn in our own homes" as there were people angry about a government telling us who can marry who, and by telling women what they must do with their bodies.

  29. Unfortunate, but true. Sadly, this won't resolve peacefully. The strife will grow and systemic decay will follow. The blue states which surround the heartland will suffer the greatest of the pain though the heartland red of this nation's interior will struggle too, it will serve as a gathering place for the wise. Though other nations may assault, the coastal blue regions will imploid in societal strife of their own making and natural disaster. The tribulation will bring about a era of peace.

  30. the first election in which i didn't even bother to vote.

    1. I stopped in the 1990's. Welcome to the club.

  31. Dan,

    Well thought out and solidly reasoned.

    The idea of the safety net fell into abuse somewhere along the way. Perhaps because eventually principles become policy and then even worse become rules.

    When support is given privately and freely it falls to the discretion of the giver to determine need and how much will be given. Does this end up always being "fair"? Probably not. Can it be systemically abused by people who are looking for freebies? Much more difficult than with a publicly funded and operated system.

    Thanks for speaking your mind and admitting your bias. The polarization of the USA is a terrible thing to watch.

  32. Sorry Dan but both the Repulicans and Democrates have lost their way.
    One wants bailouts for big business, endless wars, anti-gay / pro-life laws and budget deficits, the other wants big business, endless wars, pro-gay / pro-abortion laws and budget deficits.
    Both want to fly drones over your house and feel you up at the airport.

    So my question is: Who are the free people that want small government (and mean it), a balanced budget and want to be left alone to their own business who are going to live on their 'other side'?

  33. God Bless you Dan

    Think it's time to get out of CA. Nothing but socialist hell on earth in our future.

    Those in this country happy we are moving away from those "oppressive" Judeo Christian values, will find they were the only basis for their freedom. Let's see, who else wanted to rid the world of Bibles and those pesky followers of Christ? Pol Pot...Adolph...Stalin....Mao....Lenin...Maher....every university professor....along with many other totalitarian types all members of same crowd that wanted guns out the hands of their people.

    Hard to subdue an armed, free population.

    Also, a population who really follows those horrible Judeo Christian values doesn't need much government to begin with....

    1. Here is North America long before immigrants seeking religious freedom brought their bibles to these shores, whole nations of people lived in basic harmony without courts, without jails, without private ownership of the land they responsibly inhabited.

      Those Judeo-Christian values you extol did not prevent encroaching on that land, calling its inhabitants savages and murdering them, over and over clear across the continent. If they truly understood and knew how to follow the teachings of Christ this never could have happened. And if you truly understood what Christ meant you would not be raving about an armed free population.


    2. They did not live in basic harmony. Tribes were constantly fighting with other tribes. Sure there were no courts or jails; if you broke tribal law it was a death sentence.

      You are right about Christ who has always been a problem for Christians. He is almost impossible to live up to. As bad as Christian history looks it could have been a lot worse. Consider Islam, with its pedophile prophet of mass murder, the role model for a billion Muslims, and with it what they do to themselves and the other.

      At least with Christianity the tension between the organized church power drive and its contradiction with the Christ role led to it being reformed, the groundwork for secular humanist civilization in the West.

  34. Well, here we have it.
    You only have to read the posts here to showcase just how divided the US really is.
    I mean really...read these posts carefully.
    It starts out with a bang.."anti-science states"? What a load of mind numbing, bigoted rubbish.
    The riots occured on the grounds of a University...was it a University without a science faculty? Were there riots burning Obama paraphernalia on Church grounds?

    The bigotry and hatred is palatable and it descends from there.

    Yes Dan...you are right, the US is a house very very divided.
    It cannot continue this way.

  35. Having read the forgoing rants and raves of conservatives and liberals on this blog, I find a lot of heat but very little light. There are fragments of truth on both sides but not a one has a credible solution to this countries woes. A combination of profligate government spending by both parties, corporate greed culminating in outright fraud, and individual irresponsibility has brought our nation to this terrible crisis. You may think I have mine,we can just secede, built a fortress and let the rest of the rabble go to hell. Or you may think we can just confiscate everyone's private savings and give it to the poor creating a people's utopia. Either way you are living in a world of delusion.

    We live on a tiny sphere orbiting a lesser star in a minor galaxy. It has a self contained and closed ecosystem. It's human and animal inhabitants breathe oxygen and emit carbon dioxide, while it's plant life sequesters carbon and emits oxygen. Our sphere is losing that balance, becoming over populated with carbon emitters and under served by those life forms we rely upon to utilize carbon and give us what we need to breathe. We have depleted our natural food supplies, poisoned the soil, fouled the air, and irresponsibly reengineered our basic crops.

    Unless we find a way to get beyond partisan cant, vitriol, worthless posturing we will all face pain and chaos together. We have an opportunity here to mature as a species---or not.

    Since the sole purpose of this life is to learn lessons, and we are certain to repeat them in various forms until they are learned, perhaps now is the time to accept personal responsibility. Or we can repeat the pain once again. It's our choice.

  36. Dan,

    Sorry, but this nation is not divided. If you believe that, then you are blinded by party politics. This nation is clearly in favor of big government. The only "division" is about what FLAVOR of big government to implement.

    NEITHER Romney or Obama (or their respective parties for that matter): "believe in a system of limited government as envisioned by our Founding Fathers" or believe "the powers of the federal government are few and well defined with those not specifically delegated to it by the Constitution."
    They may give lip service to it, but never deliver on it.

    Ron Paul and a very few others are exceptions, but they are constantly demonized by the mainstream media and even their own party. If this nation was truly divided as you suggest, then it would have been Ron Paul, promoting liberty, competing against the likes of Obama/Romney, promoting big government.

    You should consider looking into the Libertarian party. They are much more represenative of the views you presented here, assuming that you aren't hypocritical and support big government when it fits your own agenda.

  37. Thanks, Dan. Inspiring article, but sad. Your comment section is even more sad.You have to give it to the Cultural Marxists. They've used the schools and the media brilliantly.

  38. Dan, your response to Duncan was beautiful. You did what we should always do: objectively review history as a first step. I always go back a minimum of fifty years when thinking about any major economic, political, social, or geopolitical issue, to make sure that I have in mind the historical trends that built up to the contemporary situation. Thinking is much more difficult than people realize. Sound bites, slogans, party talking points, believing a single 'expert', demonizing the opposing view, internalizing party propaganda and repeating it, using psychology to rationalize a dogmatic position, none of this is thinking. And those that demonize the opposite view are using a defense mechanism against thinking.

    Thinking requires bringing the opposites together as close as possible. Those few that can hold the opposites will have insight that we sorely need.

  39. Dan,

    No use getting "lost in the weeds" on all the differences here, but lets just work with the Faux News meme of redistribution... and I must commend the "bubble boys" on their success on this one. After the most significant (50 year) period of redistribution of wealth FROM the lower/middle TO the top, you (and so many other intelligent people) have been convinced the truth is exactly the opposite... amazing!

    Hate, (real)voter fraud, voter suppression, obscene political spending by vested corporate interest, extreme religious based social "dictates" (all in the name of "freedom?"), and best of all Faux News (Rove better stay away from small planes and hot tubs...lol) lost on Tuesday!

    Dan, you are clearly a gentleman at heart, and you're better than the extreme views that seem to have molded your world view. (I) believe your open mind is your best friend at this point... if you're not familiar with it, please Google and review "the Powell Memo" (the very short 40 year old road map to the corporate domination of the political and financial world) to start.

    Finally, take another look at the Blue/Red map... not sure about you, but I don't see much in the way of finance or manufacturing... but I do see a lot of states that rely on Federal Government support... oops!

    1. Dan will speak for himself but it seems you have not read Dan, you are talking about someone else.

  40. Parabens pela estrutura e conteudo de seu blog, Forte abraço Renato Artesanato em MDF

    1. I finally figured out that it's Portugese, and translated as: Congratulations on the structure and content of your blog, strong embrace.

  41. There is an assumption that most voters are knowledgeable- that they make an intellectual decision on best presidential candidate. Unfortunately, this isn't the case, especially since most citizens get their information from a biased, agenda driven media(MSM.)

    What passes for news is more accurately propaganda- with economic and political issues fed through an editorial sieve of lies and omissions so that it comes out reflecting the Party Line. Lies about Romney's past, "gaffs" that weren't gaffs, no real investigation of Obama's failure to deal with the debt or the economic excesses of the last four years, the facilitation of the entitlement mentality, the administration's foreign policy deals and failures, a dead ambassador- need I cite further examples?

    This electoral victory didn't just happen. It was meticulously planned. It involved the collusion of the MSM, the Democratic party and God knows who else. The fact that the voters were duped and are coninually kept in the dark about important issues is obvious. The real question is by who, and what is the end game?

  42. Dan, interesting moves with gold and silver today. Look forward to your commentary.

  43. “There’s class warfare, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.” -- Warren Buffet

  44. instead of breaking up into 2 states one blue one red, why not there be 50 independent states!!! that way there will be all kinds of variety and gradation of liberalism, conservatism, libertarianism, communism, fundamentalism, etc. you go to a state that fits you best. you a racist pig? go to some southern states. you like the freedom to smoke pot but want a little welfare? go northwest. you want to be left alone? go alaska. see what i mean. let 50 experiments bloom. just like our forefathers wanted. as for defending the borders? let that be done by committee of the states most threatened by invasion. and if the other states see that these border states need help then they will out of their own will provide money and men. simple. foreign policy? no such thing. each state will have its own. simple

  45. The first time I became aware of the inevitability of such an 'internal war' in the USA was during Bush's 2nd term. I was shocked at the level of vitriol against not only Bush but Cheney & Rumsfeld & Wolfowitz & Rice & on & on, 90% of it based on fabrications, distortions, lies. I watched with utter incredulity, and yet for the most part conservatives did not stoop to the Left's level. Bush Derangement Syndrome and related psychopathies seem to be built into the left mindset.

    They will never examine their own behavior, & the excesses; they'll never admit to or apologize for mistakes; they'll never listen to conservative proposals; they'll never negotiate in good faith; they'll never forgive the wrongs done to them. They are trapped in a Hell of hate & false entitlement. They are simply incapable of any of those enlightened attitudes necessary to bring about genuine national healing and restoration.

    Canada faced a similar existential threat in the early 1990's, when Canada's version of a dire fiscal cliff loomed. The two major political parties saw the threat and worked together to bring down spending in real terms, not merely slow down the rate of spending growth. Canada turned the corner and then by some miracle Stephen Harper emerged to lead a new, rebuilt conservative political party. The Conservatives built on the substantial initial steps taken by the Liberal Party in correcting the nation's financial mess. We still aren't out of the woods, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Sorry, but I just can't see this happening in the USA.

    I interact occasionally with USA Democrats and I'm always amazed at their cynicism, anger, arrogance, hate. Even now after their party's victory they're still angry & vowing to exact revenge. It's pathetic & saddening to witness.

    1. Shocked at the vitriol? Give me a break. Look at a Bush administration that according to Gen. Wesley Clark, planned on attacking 7 Middle East countries to turn them into USA "properties". That administration was guilty of war crimes and should be considered an embarrassment to any freedom loving Republican. If you cannot even admit to this then your viewpoint is more distorted than the people you accuse.

    2. Stephen - thanks for a very interesting set of comments about what transpired in Canada. That was most revealing.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Would that be the same Wesley Clark who was the darling of the Georgetown cocktail circuit and nearly started a war between the US & Russia when he was overruled at the last minute and kept from attacking some Russian troops in Bosnia?

      THAT Leftist moron?

  46. Dan, I agree with your sentiments. But secession is not practical for at least two reasons: (1) The sets of blue states and sets of red states are non-contiguous. (2) Within blue states, there are sizable minorities (roughly 40 percent if you look at the voting) of "reds", and vice versa for "blues" within red states. E.g., I'm stuck in California for reasons of job and family.

    The only hope for the future of America is to wage an *intellectual* battle for its founding principles. The supposed defenders of these principles have been astonishingly inept in countering the arguments of the progressives over the past 100+ years. There's a new book out which in my view provides a better response: "Free Market Revolution: How Ayn Rand's Ideas Can End Big Government".

    If you love this country, dreams of secession are a chimera. Let's pick ourselves off the floor and take the battle to the field where we can make a long-term difference: the field of ideas.

  47. Dan, I agree largely. I must dispute your closing lines however.

    "The left in this nation will not rest until they have imposed their statist model upon the rest of us who reject it. The right merely wants the government to leave us alone and let us get about our "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"."

    Part of the reason the right isn;t winning is because we are hypocrites. We want to be left alone except when it comes to marriage, abortion, etc. We should keep the government out of our lives, including our bedrooms. Do that and maybe we could win back a lot of this country who actually do understand basic economics.

  48. While we argue, the pot continues to boil. Looks like most of the frogs have decided to die happily right where they are. I hear they like their frog legs well done down honder in Missippi though. The "backward" areas of our country will be the ones laughing when the real sh** hits the fan. At least they know how to feed themselves. You elites think you know what is best for everyone else. Most of us Conservatives would just like to be able to rest assured that you "big thinkers" would leave us the heck alone. We don't mind working hard for our success and will gladly help take care of our neighbors if needed. You liberals scoff at people of faith and then substitute voting for liberals for actually giving a crap about your neighbors. Most of you would consider any place without a Starbucks a "no go" zone.
    It may amaze you to find out that we Conservatives can also read, and that the history books are repleat with tales illustrating the fact that socialism fails every time. Do us all a favor and just stop voting all together until you read a few of them. Life is as good as you make it whereever you happen to live. I would choose to live free in any "backward-ass" part of the world where I could make a decent living for my family over any liberal paradise you can name. Work hard to succeed. Be happy and grateful for whatever level of success you obtain. Help your neighbors when you are able. Be happy for others who are successful, and then leave'em the heck alone.

    1. David Moore - very well articulated David. I am certain that a very large percentage of our readers here could not have put it better.

      The problem with the modern leftists is that they refuse to learn from history. We have a picture perfect example unfolding right now in front of our eyes about the failure of the welfare/big government state in the Eurozone but that matters not a whit to these clamoring for the European Statist model to be put into practice here in the US.

      I think mora growing number would be more than content to live in a system of limited Constitutional government in some "backward-ass" part of this country where they are free to pursue life, liberty and happiness without having to watch their children's future mortgaged on an insurmountable mountain of government indebtedness to feed the monstrosity known as the entitlement state.

    2. I agee Dan,
      (Sorry, I got a little fired up before, and I forgot to say how much I agreed with your original article.) I have been following your stuff on JSMineset for years.

      If that growing number of more conservatively minded people you mention is ever to reclaim the governance of the country without another civil war, we are going to have to stop mixing up being "conservative" governmentally with be "conservative" morally. Personally, I happen to be both, but pushing my own morality onto others via laws about drugs, abortion, marriage,...you name it is something that my conseravtive view of government absolutely prohibits. Any candidate that is able to articulate this wins outside of maybe California, and a few other "soviet states". This in itself verifies what you say about more people wanting to limit government. Getting hung up on social issues that should not even fall under the pervue of the government is a big problem for conservatives though. I, along with many others, believe that one can live a morally upright and correct life without necessarily attempting to have one's government reflect those same values, as long as it does not infringe on one's own freedoms to live the way one wishes. Far too many "good Christian folk" believe that they are obligated to push our government more toward theocratic rule on social issues. We cannot have it both ways! Either we invite the government more into our everyday lives or we limit it via our Constitution. I prefer the latter! Economically speaking, there is no question that the latter is better! When our economy is strong and our government limited, there is no greater force for good on this planet than the United States of America. We should all fear the rise of populist politicians that are statists at heart. If we don't learn to control government it will eventually control us!

      Thanks again for all you do for us with your posts on JSMineset! I am one of Jim's original "CIGA's". (Even have the lapel pin)

  49. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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  51. Dan,

    Your post was well written, sad, and honest.

    I remember the day I was in second grade, in my hometown in Southeast Texas, standing at the bus stop. Some kid told me that President Kennedy had been shot and killed. Even though I was seven years old and couldn't articulate it then, I felt, somehow, that at some level that somehow something was wrong with the world; it wouldn't ever be the same and maybe would never be as good.

    Even discounting the Republican wailing, sackcloth, and ashes being strewn about, I got the same feeling last week for my country.

    But I was and am blessed and happy to have lived in the most successful time of the greatest and freest nation ever put upon God's earth.

    I never would have thought that my priorities for educating my young children would involve teaching them skills such as gardening, raising chickens, self-defense combat skills, and marksmanship with pistol and rifle, with a more serious purpose than as cool hobbies or general self-reliance training, Southern style.

    I fervently pray that I may continue to protect them and that they may grow up to be educated citizens - well-fed, self-reliant, productive, and free, and that that will be possible in this country and not another.

    And also, that their survival skills will not be needed to survive in this country.

    God help us all.

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  53. I'm hearing more & more of this kind of talk lately. It's not new to me. I decided a few years ago this was bound to happen sooner or later. The two sides are just too irreconcilably different. Neither will ever consent to good-naturedly live under the rule of the other, so a United States, as is, will be in a constant state of semi-revolt. It's no good. My suggestion is to run a dividing line along the western boundaries of the Dakotas straight south down to Mexico. Lib's can all move west and normal people can all move east. However, unlike Mr. Norcini's plan, I do NOT wish to trade with the Lib's or have any communication with them. They would take the opportunity’s to attempt to infect our fellow citizens - especially our young-uns - with their socialist drivel. I want none of their television shows, none of their movies nor any of their music aired east of the Great Divide. Anyone caught "fraternizing" would be expelled into the west. One way. And when the western libs get hard up for dough - and they will - I'd be more than happy to buy some of their land. In this way, probably with a couple of generations, we will have pushed them all into the sea and America will be re-united once again, this time by good God-fearing constitutionalists.

  54. Let me try this again...

    As I’ve followed the debate on almost every issue there is a widening gulf – a chasm – between the Left and fair-minded people. What has become obvious to me is that there is no debating anybody who is a Liberal. Their “beliefs” are their religion. It’s like trying to talk a man into, or out of, Jesus. No accepted standard of our culture is off limits; everything I learned growing up about being an American is up for debate, and I’m just tired of it. I’m tired of arguing for law & order. I’m tired of arguing for people v. trees. I’m tired of pointing out Liberal hypocrisy.

    Now I need to argue for the Electoral College??!! I can’t do it.

    I’m tired of trying to teach morons the constitution. I’m tired of trying to argue with liars. It makes me want to rip my eyes out and my ears off. I’m just tired of it all. I want out. I want a divorce. I want the Left to move to one part of the country where they can set up their own government.

    We’ll give them everything west of the Dakotas and Texas to the Pacific. They can establish their capitol up in the Big Sur. In a set of environmentally sound tree houses in Washington state. Have a ball. Good luck!

    The law & order types; the worker bees; the industrious types, move east. We’ll build a big stone wall from Texas to Westby, ND. Something like Hadrian’s wall but with .50 cal’s mounted every 50 yds. And no doors.

    In Old America, it will be a capitol crime to even lobby for anything that smacks of socialism. Let’s see who does better. Let’s see where people want to live after 5 years. One thing; anybody wants to move east AFTER the Big Rip – must give up all their wealth, and go on relief until they can find a job, or 6 weeks passes – whichever comes first. And only if we need your particular skill.

    I’m serious. I want to do this.

    C’mon, do you think Barney Frank voters could ever be convinced to vote for an adult? To paraphrase a leftist hero, Stalin, “There’ll be fewer "Americans", but better ‘Americans’.”

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