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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Trader Dan on King World News Metals Wrap

Please click on the following week to listen in to my regular weekly radio interview with Eric King on the KWN Markets and Metals Wrap.

This week we are discussing the recent Committment of Traders Report and the beginning of what appears to be some imbalance in the overall positioning of the various players.



  1. Hi Dan,

    Thanks again. You are indispensable to me as a source of real and honest information about the markets. It's funny, I hold bullion and have no interest in or the skills to trade, but I still read your comments faithfully because you make things so clear and comprehensible and interesting!

    One thing I have been thinking about lately and I'd love your comments if you get a chance..... I understand that global central bank buying is a great support for the market in general, but I can't help feeling these guys are gathering ammo for a future assault! Maybe I'm just paranoid (tin foil hatter?) but I know that fiat currencies will be defended to the bloddy end and I'd think that when the right time comes to pull the trigger, the central banks might, in coordinated fashion, do just that. After all, it wasn't that long ago they were all casual sellers when the market needed calming. I realize bullion is just one way, and not the preferred way necessarily, those guys control the price, but it does make me nervous thinking about them accumulating. Any thoughts?



  2. Pidge..

    The Central Banks are buying gold in flight from and assault on the USD....you should do the same..

    Dan Norcini is an absolute treasure and his generosity in making this information available to us at NO CHARGE should be honored and recognized. Like Jim Sinclair, where I first found Dan, these men should be recognized for their hearts and minds...they share and ask nothing in return!

    Thank you, Dan...I read dozen of articles daily, I have a personal data collection process daily, I have read 20 books this year on economics and the crises just past and soon to unfold again, I have published myself...and were I limited to 20 minutes a week, I would go to Dan's weekly recording on King World News on the weekly metals report..His accuracy is amazing and consistent...again, my gratitude.

  3. Hey there Dan.

    I am hoping you are fine I have not seen a post in awhile, and besides the unbelievable information, you are missed on a deeper level. It is hard to find god fearing, intelligent life forces out here in the commodities trading world. Just wanted to let you know we miss your posts and are hoping you return healthy and fired up. The election is not far away my man and we need your vote. We also need men like you to foster us neophites. Hoping for your safe and healthy return. It has been a great learning from you. It is also nice to listen to your uncanny way of pointing out certain facts. Thanks for all you do.


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