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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gold being held in check at $1680

While Gold has been able to punch through this critical resistance level, it has not been able to HOLD ABOVE it. This is must do in order to kick it up and out of its current malaise. Once it does so, it should make a run at $1720 - $1725 in relatively short order.


  1. Dan,

    Do you think gold (and silver) being held in check is a natural phenomena or some manipulation of some sort? Gold and silver have every reason to blast higher after Bernanke's comments the other day but it appears to me that that the resistance and subsequent drop is manufactured. Silver seemed to trade sideways for a while, then get smashed about .10, trade sideways, smashed again, dropping in a stair step fashion. Perhaps there's some end of month activity or just the cartel knowing PMs were ready to run and they snuffed it out.

  2. all natural stuff.........don't vorry about it

  3. These last few days seem to be about shaking the OpEx tree...


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