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Friday, January 20, 2012

Silver on Track to Challenge $32.50

ON Wednesday of this week, silver finally managed to get a CLOSE above strong chart resistance at the $30 level. The next day, while it was unable to advance much, it refused to back down below that resistance level and eked out another close above $30. Two consecutive closes above a strong chart resistance level and the bears had no choice but to begin running. Fresh money is now chasing them out as it appears that the hedge funds are beginning to move back into the grey metal after having fallen out of love with it in December of last year.

The technical chart picture is much improved with all momentum indicators now in a bullish mode on the daily chart as price is trading ABOVE the 50 day moving average in today's session. The 20 day moving average is now turning higher indicating the short term trend has flipped up. The 50 day should prove to be some support if we get some retracements lower.

A strong finish to the session today will set this market firmly on track for a test next week of another band of formidable chart resistance centered near the $32.50 region.

Note that the short term downtrend line drawn off the August 2011 peak was broken last week but that horizontal resistance at $30 had not as of yet fallen until it was bettered this week.

If the bulls can take out $32.50 next week, they should have relatively clear sailing all the way to $35 which is where one helluva battle royale is going to be waged by the perma bears. If that group fails to stem the advance, this market has a real shot at launching an upside trending move.

It should be noted that the move higher in silver is being accompanied by a sharp move LOWER in the bonds. Bonds are breaking down on their price chart indicating the LACK OF RISK AVERSION trades at the current moment. Keep in mind what I have repeatedly said - Silver will outperform gold in an environment in which RISK is IN. That is what the movement in the bond market is suggesting.

Only a sharp reversal to the upside in the bond market would derail the move higher in silver as it would be accompanied by a downside move in equities and a move higher in the US Dollar once again. Such an event would signal that investment funds would be back to shunning risk with money flowing back out into cash and cash equivalents and away from "risk assets".

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