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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

HUI holding in relation to the S&P 500

Traders/investors looking to take a defensive posture in the equity markets continue to see the mining sector as a place in which to find some temporary shelter. While the HUI is getting pulled lower today alongside the entirety of the US equity markets, the sector is holding in relation to the broader market.

A good trade has been to spread the miners against the S&P, a trade which I mentioned here some time ago would be a winner for the hedge funds instead of the shortsighted spread trade involving the bullion markets and the mining shares. The hedgies were able to play that trade and profit from it for a while but they overstayed their time with it as investors began warming to the solid profits being generated by many of the mining companies. It also did not hurt the bullish cause to see some of the gold miners increasing their dividend payout.

For a look at the HUI in isolation, you can see that the index has filled the former gap region but failed to rally through the top of that gap and hold above that level. It should find some additional buying support back down at the bottom of this same gap near the 570 level if the dip buyers are going to still feel comfortable committing capital to the sector in the midst of this instability in Europe.

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