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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nice move by Barrick

The financial press is announcing that Barrick Gold raised its quarterly dividend today by 25% to $0.15/share.

Every time a miner does something like this, it makes it that much harder for the short sellers to go in and play.


  1. Proud owner of some ABX stock myself :)

  2. Newmont also raised their dividend today

  3. ... 'bout time. Now, if they could raise it to some meaningful rate of return, they would get a much better valuation on their stock and get rid of a lot of speculative short positions. The waiting continues, but I suspect that many of the larger miners will end up buying out some juniors/explorers with their cash, to increase their reserves, instead of making higher dividend payments.

    Which side of the bet are we to take?

    A balanced portfolio of bullion, the "big boys" and the juniors (with some promising explorers) looks like a sure winner here - and going forward...

  4. hey weather unit, how's that bear trap workin' out?

    not that i wouldn't day-short on a freefall to lower buy-in-price(out of touch on 1850-1530 freefall day)

  5. Wow, amazing what a little free liquidity with potential option to leverage it 10x' does to these markets. Looks like short term now up to min 1780?.... If Euro land doth keep up the leveraging. If German Reich gets a little resentment of giving to the poor we could get another backdown. Man, took too much off the table, but did manage to roll about 10% upside on what I had. Scared money never hits it big, but it does not wash out with the tide either. Keeps me in the game and rising slowly. I just am waiting for a day when the Market Driven Headlines disapear and Gold miners take on realistic values.


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