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Friday, May 6, 2011

Gold - weekly chart analysis


  1. Am sure it has not escaped your attention that weekly retracement/sideways action typically takes aboout 8-10 weeks. That brings us to a seasonal low near July for the next effective launchpad.
    Best regards
    Trader Garrett

  2. In my prior comment, I should have said "potential seasonal low near July". Thanks Dan for sharing your extensive knowledge, insights and charts. Very much appreciated.

  3. "Typical" periods are for typical times.
    What is "typical" today, anything of import? Well we know that indecision is commonly pervasive and thus greed or fear often trigger sudden stampedes into and out of markets.
    The very "typical" factors like this may be expected to engage with today's atypical aspects to undermine all manner of assumptions about the future.


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