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Friday, April 15, 2011

The "Silver Surfer" rides the waves of investor favor

The following story from the Wall Street Journal's blog, The Source, notes the strong performance of silver and is a good read.

Silver Nabs Gold’s Crown

  • Despite both metals hitting fresh record highs Friday, silver has once again stolen gold’s crown.

    You can read the entire story by clicking here:


    1. 1. First.

      2. Not sure whether an end of QE (if there is any that is) would make such a big difference. Still, the fundamentals and the debt problem would still be there.

    2. Wonder when PM stocks will follow the metals? I thought HUI and XAU would be performing better and reaching new highs with the move up in Gold and Silver???

    3. @ Lord Stanley.

      We're all waiting for the hedge funds to unwound their short miners position. Have faith...hold and BTFD.

    4. these are links to articles that show the mainstream press is not covering this properly.

      on this blog you can also see a news crew film of riots in Mollendo, Peru.


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