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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mining shares need the Man with no name

For a little fun on another day in which the mining shares are once again lagging the metals.

Those of you who are fans of the trilogy from the 60's will remember the scene well!


And just for your listening pleasure.... A classic soundtrack lead... great music to trade to....





  1. "Financial crises require governments."
    Timothy Geithner

  2. In the Bunker at JP Morgan



  3. Dan, I listen to you every week on King World News and love your blog as it takes the emotion of out things....however, while I'm normally calm, I literally just banged on my desk a few times at the lack of performance by the miners again today...just keeping pace with the silver price as I feel they should be rocketing higher. If there is ratio trade occurring, why isn't it reflected in the short interest of the stocks? For instance SLW only has a 2% short interest.


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