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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Silver Chart update

It's been a busy day today with a lot of action and quickly changing markets but here is an afternoon chart of silver. It looks like it was able to stave off the selling and recapture support near $35 which is promising particularly as we are now finally seeing some good upside volume compared to what we have been getting recently.

First order of business for the bulls is to get the price back over $35.50 and keep it there.

If they run and let the sellers get aggressive, today's low near $34.75 needs to hold to prevent a run back down towards $34.40 - $34.30


  1. appreciate your blog and all the relevant stuff you post

  2. I can't thank you enough Dan for the time and work you do. Excellent. Been reading you and Turd since you started blogging and continue to learn. Keep up the honest fight.

  3. Thanks Dan,

    Your charts are helping me alot in my decision making and sometimes I even manage to make the right decison :-)

    What software do you use. I am at the moment particularly interested in integrating the volume into my decisions and would like to be able to get up to date info on that.

    Your work to educate people is truly admirable


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