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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Commodity Complex makes yet another Lifetime high

Out of pity for Admiral Ben Farragut (damn the torpedos, full speed ahead) and his claims yesterday that inflation is not a serious problems because the TIPS tell him so, we have provided a picture of what the rest of us mere peasants are going to be facing as we go about buying those things which are somehow not considered important enough to include in the CORE when looking at the Consumer Price Index.

Of course one can easily see by observing the chart below that there is no connection whatsoever between Quantitative Easing and out of control commodity prices (Wink, Wink). That is just a figment of our imaginations or as perhaps Ebeneezer Scrooge might say, the result of a bit of undigested beef.

I have two views posted; a weekly and then a monthly for a longer term perspective on the beast that the Fed has unleashed upon us all.

Also keep in mind that as you view these charts, crude oil prices are some 40% below their peak made back in 2008. Heaven help us all.

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